Uğuray Süt Ürünleri

Sector : Milk and Dairy Products Region : Ankara

Uğuray Süt Ürünleri was established in 1989 in Aksaray, Ortaköy district. The facility has an annual production and processing capacity of 54 million liters of milk, and 25 types of products are produced in the facility. Leading the region in milk and dairy products, the brand employs 150 people directly. Its goal; To be the leader among the most reliable organizations as the most preferred brand in the dairy industry.

Who is the Owner?

Selim Uğur is the manager of Uğuray Süt Ürünleri Inc.

Where are Uğuray Süt Ürünleri?

Uğuray Süt facilities are located in Aksaray Ortaköy, Ankara Gersan Industrial Site. There is also a sales store in Istanbul Mega Center.

What Does Uğuray Süt Ürünleri Produce?

It produces 25 different types of feta cheese, toasted cheese, butter curd cheese, cream, and mozzarella.

Ensuring Quality and Hygiene in Production

Uğuray Süt has established its Quality Management System on measuring and evaluating data. My Quality Management System; consists of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), and Food Safety Management Process. Its priority in production is always to produce quality and hygienic products. It continues its activities in a facility where its employees adopt the same awareness and respect people and the environment.
It fulfills ISO 9001: 2008 Standard requirements and manages it with the FQC 22000 Food Safety System.

Hygiene in Milk Processing

It applies high hygiene processes in the milk intake and distribution chain of precious foods, such as milk, and requires precision to be processed. It regularly provides training and support to farmers so that the producers in the region produce more efficient and quality milk. It regularly offers training programs to train qualified people for the sector.
Operating under the most hygienic conditions by preserving milk’s nature, Uğuray delivers its delicious dairy products to consumers with the healthiest packaging without breaking the cold chain. It produces the latest technology devices in its facilities.
It continues its activities with the passion of producing delicious dairy products that increase people’s quality of life, giving health and happiness, and spreading the abundance of milk.

Uğuray Süt Ürünleri has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.