Ülker Bisküvi

Ülker Bisküvi | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Hasanoğlan / Ankara

Ülker Bisküvi started activities in 1944 through the workshop in Eminönü, Istanbul. The adventure started with a small workshop; today, we are among the most important producers in Turkey with a broad domestic and international sales network outside. The brand continues its activities within Yıldız Holding. The slogan of “Happy Moments” adopted by the brand is engraved in three generations’ memories.

With all the Factories around Turkey, it adds value to our country

Ülker Bisküvi carries out production in several factories in Turkey to meet biscuits’ needs in national and international markets. Ülker Bisküvi is one of the world’s giant food producers with more than 330 products offered to food markets in the fields of crackers and biscuits. The company is the undisputed leader of the industry in Turkey. The brand produces chocolate at its Istanbul Silivri and Istanbul Topkapı production facilities, biscuit production at its Gebze production facility, cake production at its Istanbul Esenyurt production facility, chocolate, crackers, cakes, and biscuits at its Karaman production facility, and biscuit production at its Ankara production facility. Ülker Bisküvi, which has a voice in the international food market, also has factories abroad. While chocolate, cake, and biscuit production are made in Saudi Arabia, cake, and biscuit production is made in Egypt.

From Turkey to the world Ülker Bisküvi

Ülker Bisküvi continues its R&D studies in independent laboratories to respond to the demands of consumers. By adopting an innovative approach, it is aimed to move biscuits and by-products to higher levels. The main reason why Ülker Bisküvi takes place in many markets around the world is its innovative vision. The brand will represent Turkey in the world. Exports are made to many countries in America, Africa, and Europe, especially to the Central Asian Republics, Russia, and the Middle East countries. Quality in Turkey is successfully exported to countries around the world.

Vision Targeting Sector Leadership

The firm aims to be the most preferred brand by consumers by regularly improving its sector activities. Ülker Bisküvi’s vision is to be among the top 5 companies with the highest sales volume in the world markets in the next 10 years. The company’s understanding of quality, innovative thoughts, and mission believe that this goal will be realized.