Ülker Dankek

ülker dankek

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Ülker started its activities with biscuit production in 1944, and Ülker Dankek introduced the cake brand in 1995. met with great interest among young people cake brand in a short time with the advantage of taking place within the country has become a popular flavor in all of Turkey. Dankek 8 Cake, Dankek Baton Cake, Dankek Turkish Delight Cake, Dankek Pöti, and Dankek Roll Cake products emerged following product development efforts.

Biscuits Brand Turkey

Ülker has been conducting R&D studies for biscuit and by-product production since 1944. The products are manufactured in production facilities established by domestic capital, distributed to the four corners of Turkey, and have drawn consumers’ praise quickly.
Considering that product diversity is necessary since the 1970s, Ülker aimed to achieve success in various courses by developing products in biscuits, wafers, crackers, baby products, chocolate, chocolate products, and cake margarine, oil, hot drink, and confectionery. The current sales volume proves that periodic moves have been successful.

From Tradition to the Future

Ülker is one of Turkey’s most established and powerful brands. By correctly interpreting society and consumers’ wishes while ensuring that the brand has an innovative principle, it has never departed from its principles and roots.
Its advertisements and sales policies have the characteristics of sincerity, closeness, and being one of the families that Turkish society needs. It is known as much more than a brand because of the sincerity bond created with the consumers.
Ülker Dankek is one of the brands that emerged with a good interpretation of society’s wishes. When Dankek products were first offered for sale, it attracted great attention from young people. The following process took place in the families’ evening conversations and became delicious throughout the family. During the brand researches, it was stated that people of all ages have a memory and a story about the Ülker brand.

Social Responsibility Approach Protecting Community Values

The Ülker brand has made us feel that it is a part of society with its understanding of advertising while making production by correctly interpreting society and consumers’ demands. An environmentalist and sustainability approach has been adopted since its establishment. To have a better world and equal opportunities, social responsibility projects were carried out to support children.