Uludağ Entegre Et

Sector : Meat and Meat Products Region : Bursa

Uludağ Entegre Et was established in Bursa in 1991. With the rise it has shown over time, it aims to add value to animal husbandry with its investments in Aydın, located in the Aegean Region. The meat integrated facility located within the borders of Efeler Umurlu District has been employing many people since the day it was put into service.

Who Is The Owner?

Vahit Yıldırım, a businessman from Ağrı, who owns Uludağ Entegre Et Facilities, has closed the deficiency of a quality meat processing facility in Aydın with the facility equipped with the latest technology products and showed his visionary side with both quality raw materials and employment provided to the people of the region. It will become a self-sufficient business with the animal breeding farm it plans to establish in the future and the facilities to generate its own electricity.
The Aegean region, especially Aydın, is a region where livestock activities are concentrated. The company, which has provided raw material input for the plant in Bursa by purchasing live animals from this region for a long time, has achieved a perfect facility and saved the extra transportation cost with this option.

Uludağ Entegre Et Production Policy

The brand, which sends meat to many regions throughout the country, process the meat in Islamic conditions and European standards. It is one of the first companies nationwide to produce by synthesizing these two stages. Always paying the utmost attention to hygiene norms in its facilities, the brand works with companies that supply high-quality hygiene products.
At the center of the production, the policy is the production of healthy and high-quality meat. To achieve this, it works with an understanding that maintains the cold chain at every stage of production, provides veterinary control with its own physicians, and performs superior hygiene practices in all facility areas, including employees.

Documents and Hygiene Practices

It has ISO 22.000: 2005, ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, IFS V6, FSSC 22.000 quality assurance certificates, TSE production certificate, and TSE Halal Food Production Certificate.
Bacteria can grow in meat products faster than other products. It should be kept at a certain temperature and under superior hygiene conditions, especially raw. Uludağ Entegre Et keeps the hygiene conditions at the maximum level following its quality policy.
Uludağ Entegre Et has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.