Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri

Milk and Dairy Products
Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri
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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: İzmir

Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri was established in 1970 in the town of Ayrancılar in Torbalı district of İzmir. Having 50 years of knowledge and experience in producing quality dairy products, the brand has gained its consumers’ trust. It aims to be the sector leader with its innovative breakthroughs in dairy production, with a focus on customer satisfaction, without compromising reliability and quality.

What Does Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri Produce?

There are 17 product types, including white cheese varieties, Tulum cheese varieties, and butter. The products produced in Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri are preferred by the Turkish Food Codex, from raw material selection to the devices and equipment used.

Yılmaz Erbaş Breakfast House & Dairy

Yılmaz Erbaş Breakfast House, located in the Konak district of İzmir, sells both breakfast services and dairy products in its Dairy store.
With the awareness that the most important element of making a difference in quality and healthy service, it offers traditional tastes prepared with care. It always improves its service quality by evaluating the feedback of consumers and taking into account consumer demands.

Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri Hygiene and Quality Production Approach

The awareness of the importance of milk, which is one of the most valuable nutrients, ensures food safety sensitivity in all stages from production to consumer. Production in hygienic conditions is shipped to retail points by cold chain vehicles. It implements hygiene and production policy in European Standards in its facilities.

Yılmaz Erbaş Süt Ürünleri has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.