Wall and Panel Applications

Wall and panel applications are carried out with our products and professional teams, such as flexible corner-hygienic corner protection, border, and skirting panel protectors produced for vertical surfaces such as walls with high impact risk in industrial facilities.
Cold rooms, production areas, wall or panel surfaces may be damaged by impacts of transport vehicles and transport equipment. In this case, there may be much negativity on the walls, such as structural and visual deformation, breaking panels, dyeing, and contamination. These problems are more common, especially in tight spaces where there are door crossings. Vibroser offers application solutions with high-quality premium products with many years of R&D and application experience in this field.

It provides high protection on walls and floors exposed to heavy impacts with wall and panel applications. Walls and floors damaged by the impact of transport vehicles cause financial loss of businesses. Thanks to our solutions, these areas, and transport vehicles are also prevented from being damaged. On the other hand, it is essential to maintain hygiene in industrial facilities. Cleaning on walls and panels can be more challenging compared to floors. Therefore, the fact that the products have a cleaning party is precious to prevent bacteria’s formation.

What Is The Value Added By These Applications To The Structure?

Industrial facilities belonging to businesses operating in many fields such as the food sector, chemical industry, health sector, automotive sector, energy sector, pharmaceutical sector are built and operated on the principles of hygiene, safety, aesthetics, and sustainability. From this perspective, the choice of structural materials and application methods on the floor or wall surfaces in a facility with heavy traffic, exposed to excessive load and possible impacts, becomes very important. In this context, the factors and expectations taken into consideration by decision-makers in product – service purchase are as follows:

Quality of products such as antacid wall tile, pontoon, panel/corner protectors and skirting bases,
Easy cleaning of products in terms of optimizing cleaning costs,
Compliance with structural hygiene processes and guidelines,
To add aesthetic value to the area/place where the products are applied,
Corrosion resistance coefficient of products against chemicals such as acid, impact, heavy load traffic,
Having antibacterial and antimicrobial properties,
Easy installation of products – application practice,
Efficiency life without losing the quality and function of the products,
In terms of food safety, the products are manufactured without the use of glass fibers,
The use of remarkable colors in products in terms of occupational safety,
Special color production depending on the request and order quantity,
Loyalty to the term durations committed for products and applications,
A professional team makes product applications with the latest technology and techniques.

What are Wall and Panel Applications?

We offer project, consultancy, and implementation solutions in the following special product groups:
Anti Acid Porcelain Wall Tile
Hygienic Skirting Panel Protectors
Hygienic Border Panel Protectors
Hygienic Pontoons
Pontoon and Monorail Hygienic Skirting
Flexible Corner Wall and Panel Protectors
Hygienic Acrylic Protective Pontoons
These applications used in walls and panels are specially prepared for an order.
Products designed in different ways for industrial facilities are also produced at the height and width you want. These products, which protect against impacts, frictions, both on the wall and in transport vehicles, are designed to be glued and assembled at any height besides their hygienic structure.