Wall Bumper Features and What is Wall Bumper?

Wall Bumper Features and What is Wall Bumper?
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Wall bumper products are used in production areas and especially in facilities that require high hygiene. Wall bumper products offer hygiene. In production facilities and storage areas that require high hygiene, a wall bumper is important to prevent bacteria formation and be cleaned more easily. Since the wall edges are angular, cleaners can overlook them during cleaning, or they may not clean them sufficiently. For this reason, it is important to ensure and protect hygiene in these areas.

Due to its flat structure, you can easily clean the wall bumper guards. Industrial wall protectors ensure that corners and wall bottoms are hygienic. Humid areas and areas with bacteria formation prevent hygiene, especially in food production facilities. Especially in food facilities, it is important to use wall protectors because they provide a hygienic environment. At the same time, wall bumpers strips are easy to use and clean by design. In addition to food production and food storage areas, it is essential to use in the production and storage of chemical materials, pharmaceutical production, and automotive parts.

Vibroser Blog | Wall Bumper

Wall Bumper Usage Areas

Wall bumper Usage Areas; It is preferred to be used in almost all areas of use of wall corner bumper guards and industrial production. The use of industrial wall bumpers is hygienically important. Industrial wall protectors provide high hygiene, especially for wall bottoms and edges that are likely cleaning personal to overlook during cleaning. Bacteria formation in these areas is very important for protecting and hygiene the products produced and preserved.

Wall bumpers usage areas are quite wide. The environments that require high hygiene during production and protection use it.  Areas where it is necessary to use these products;

  • Bakeries and patisseries,
  • In the production and storage areas of meat and dairy products,
  • In fish production and service facilities,
  • During the production and preservation of animal and vegetable oils,
  • In areas where food is served collectively, in cafeterias,
  • In textile workshops,
  • Hospitals,
  • It is important to use industrial wall protectors in shopping malls and airports where human circulation is intense.

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What Does a Wall Bumpers Do?

To explain what the wall protector does; Many production centers can use it in the industrial sense. Facilities can use industrial wall bumpers differently depending on the area and place. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important in places and production areas where human density is high. It is important that the cleaning team can clean the edges and bottoms of the walls in the corners correctly. Cleaning these areas is one of the areas that the cleaners may overlook. Wall protectors are also stainless.

You must prefer the materials you will use to decorate and install these areas, following the hygiene standards. Hygienic wall protectors used in food production facilities are made with products that do not contain glass fiber. For this reason, hygienic wall protectors also protect walls and materials against bumps and knocks. Wall bumpers also protect walls and the fixtures during transportations inside the facilities. Materials used in industrial areas may contain acids and chemicals. Wall protectors make the protection of walls and space resistant to these materials.

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What is the Wall Bumper Features?

What is the wall bumper features? If we explain it; Facilities can use it in many products and industrial areas. Hygienic border wall protectors also have a radius floor. Therefore, it is much easier to clean. For this reason, the cleaning group can clean it much more easily, and it can provide a hygienic environment for a long time. Hygienic wall bumper protector also has a stylish structure in design. It harmonizes with the interior architecture of the facility. At the same time, since we made them from colored materials, it also acts as a warning tape. The use of hygienic wall protectors is essential for those responsible for cleaning industrial production areas.

Wall Bumper Prices

Wall bumper prices are suitable for use in many areas. With its use in different places and stylish design facilities highly prefer it. Industrial wall bumper prices vary according to the area’s characteristics where you will use it, the materials, and the area of ​​use per square meter. Therefore, many workplaces safely prefer it.