Wall Corner Protectors Wall Protection Products 

Wall Corner Protectors Wall Protection Products 
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Wall corner protectors guards can be used in all areas and are preferred to provide high hygiene and protection, especially in industrial facilities. The main purpose of wall protection products is to protect the walls as well as to establish a particularly hygienic environment. Thanks to the preservatives, it protects walls and at the junction of the floor and wall from bacteria that will occur. From food production areas to all businesses can prefer wall corner protectors.

Vibroser Blog | Wall Corner Guards

What are wall corner protectors?

We developed wall corner protectors to protect walls against bacterial growth and impacts. Although decorative wall corner protectors also serve the same function, such products cause the more used area to look aesthetically. The main function of wall protectors is to protect the floor joints, especially the corners of the wall, against the formation of microorganisms. Wall corner guards are of great benefit, especially in industrial areas where production is made, to prevent bacterial growth and offer solutions for areas such as wall corners that are difficult to clean under normal conditions.

Wall protection products provide protection against bacteria that may occur at the bottom of walls and panels for all areas where hygiene conditions are essential. Since the panel, wall bottom, and corner areas do not provide the opportunity to clean properly during cleaning, it is impossible to remove all dust and bacteria from these areas. Providing the necessary hygiene conditions in these areas is possible with wall protectors. They help to create a hygienic and healthy environment for businesses operating in areas such as food by minimizing the formation of bacteria. In addition, corner guards provide a precaution against the corrosion of the area used. Thus, they create an important advantage against aging and deformation of the building. They are products that protect not only food production areas but also against chemical and acid materials in all industrial areas; thus, they provide the best protection.

Vibroser Blog | Wall Corner Guards

In which areas are wall corner guards used?

You can find more detailed information and documents by getting the corner guard offers. Due to their structure, facilities can use Wall corner guards in very wide areas. The biggest task of wall guards is to protect the wall, panel, and corner areas. In this respect, all usage areas;

  • Corner guards differ according to their product types. There are also available corner guards that clients can use in homes. Products for domestic use have softer material and are clients mainly prefer them to prevent people from harming themselves;  especially in homes with children or the elderly.
  • Products such as flush-mounted corner guards are suitable for use in areas such as parking lots. In this way, it provides precautions for situations such as crashes that may arise from vehicles.
  • facilities can use industrial corner guards in a wide range of areas;
  • Bakery, patisserie, delicatessen, restaurant, cafe, restaurant, fish production facilities,
  • All kinds of production and sales places operating on meat and dairy products,
  • Dining halls,
  • In areas engaged in automotive production or repair,
  • Textile and cosmetic production areas,
  • In areas providing service for the chemical industry,
  • Drug stores or drug production sites,
  • Petrochemical industry,
  • In public transport,
  • Suitable for use in markets, supermarkets, shopping malls.

Vibroser Blog | Wall Corner Guards

What are the advantages of wall corner protectors?

Wall corner guards help to ensure hygienic conditions. Since it is difficult to clean areas such as walls, panels, and corners, the protectors prevent mites such as dirt, dust, and bacteria in these areas. In addition, another essential task of the products is to protect the corners. Choosing corner guards in places where there are many people or vehicles will be effective for the protection of walls and corners. Thanks to their production resistance to chemicals, they offer significant benefits in terms of use in chemical fields. Thus, they are suitable for use in a wide variety of fields.

In addition to the protection duties, they also provide important benefits in terms of aesthetic values ​​that will help the environment look much more aesthetic. While clear wall corner protectors always provide hygiene, they are also effective in terms of appearance.

How to remove wall corner protectors?

There are different types of wall corner guards. The applications of all protectors, especially commercial wall corner guards, are very easy and practical. Thanks to their maintenance-free structure, they offer long-lasting use. External corner wall protectors are used on the exterior or areas, while interior wall corner protectors are used in interior areas. Accordingly, the removal procedures of the preservatives vary. For example, different methods are used for removing from the wall of models, such as stainless steel corner guards. However, in general, the masters carried out the removal of all guards without damaging the floor and the wall.

Our Hygienic Baseboard Panel and Wall Protection products do not contain glass fiber for human health and food safety! The products Classified “E” Class for Reaction to Fire Behaviour and Approved According to TS EN 13501-1+A1:2013