What are Industrial Floor Applications? What are the Features?

What are Industrial Floor Applications? What are the Features?
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Industrial floor applications; are special coatings applied to floors in production, storage or sales areas. Industrial plant floors must be resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Also, these floors are easy to clean and have antibacterial properties, which is important for the facility to meet hygiene standards. It should also create a safe surface in terms of work hazards by providing anti-slip.

Industrial floors used in many sectors promise a smooth and aesthetic appearance. The producer can make the production with options such as anti-acid porcelain tiles, stainless floors, transition tiles, vibrating floor application systems. Manufacturers can take necessary precautions much more quickly in industrial facilities with specially designed floors in different sizes, patterns, and features. These floors are designed for heavy loads and handling equipment. They can show high resistance to transport vehicles such as forklifts.

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What are the Usage Areas of Industrial Floor?

Industrial floor usage areas are pretty diverse. Industrial floors can be preferred for hygienic areas in production facilities, cold rooms, and standard storage areas operating in the food sector. In different sections of many businesses such as dining halls, food factories, restaurants, the industrial floor can be a good solution.

Many areas, such as the chemical industry, leather industry, and energy sector, which have production areas where chemicals are used, prefer floor coverings because they offer high durability. Also, pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical warehouses, and drug storage areas can prefer industrial floors in the pharmaceutical industry.

What Do Industrial Floors Do?

Producers coat the industrial floors with elements that provide many advantages in the area where clients will use them;

  • Provides resistance against high weights. In this way, it can store heavy loads in the areas used, and the transport vehicles do not damage the floor even in intensive use.
  • It is suitable for high standards of hygiene processes. It is antibacterial, minimizes bacterial growth.
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance in industrial facilities.
  • They are floor coverings that are easy to clean. Therefore, they are the most preferred floor applications in industrial establishments where hygiene is important.
  • Thanks to its non-slip feature it provides a safe working area for the application area. It creates a natural measure for occupational health and safety. It decreases the probability of personnel experiencing work accidents.
  • Chemicals are not affecting industrial floors.
  • Manufacturers can use it for many years.

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Industrial Flooring Prices

When the expert makes the applications for the needs of the facilities, the prices of industrial flooring vary according to the size of the area and the floor characteristics. Producers specially produce industrial floors following the areas where the expert will apply them in industrial facilities.