What are the Advantages of Industrial Ceramic?

What are the Advantages of Industrial Ceramic?
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This application offers extreme advantages in industrial ceramic floor coverings and provides high durability and hygiene. Especially in industrial areas, manufacturers prefer to keep products hygienic in their production processes. It stands out as an ideal floor application for industrial ceramic production, storage and service areas, which stands out with its advantages in economy and durability.

What is the meaning of industrial ceramic?

Industrial ceramic is a product that stands out in terms of chemical stability, and producers obtain it by special. Industrial ceramics have thermal, electrical, biochemical properties and differ from the usual types of ceramics. These advanced ceramics, created by further processing normal ceramics and combining them with various components. They have significant advantages thanks to their durable structure, resistance to scratches, and suitable working with excessive chemicals.

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Where is industrial ceramic used?

Industrial ceramic is made with thermal shock resistance and is produced by making the ceramic material non-dispersible at very high temperatures. Thanks to the electrical insulator, which the adepts use in the application, the ceramic is made very resistant and thus creates important advantages in usage areas. It is also fully compatible with development, optimization, and tailoring in technical applications. Industrial ceramic materials are designed to perform the necessary tasks in the best way and can be preferred in many different areas thanks to their wide application range. The floor application made of ceramic material helps the area to be long-lasting.

What is used in the ceramic industry?

It is possible to talk about four main ceramic groups in technical ceramics: these products; silicate ceramics, oxide ceramics, non-oxidized ceramics, and piezoceramics. The ceramic production used in the industrial sense is the piezoceramic group. These products have excellent thermal methods and high-temperature applications. The facilities prefer them in order to convert mechanical parameters into electrical parameters and convert them to vibration. In this way, ceramic materials turn into an ideal product group for industrial use.

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Which is better: Stone or ceramic?

In industrial ceramics, clients make comparisons, especially with stone floor applications. However, ceramic products offer very advantageous solutions for businesses, industrial areas, and warehouses. Since the stone floor application is not hygienic in the first place, the choice of this material in areas such as production will prevent the expected results. We can list the advantages of industrial ceramics as follows;

  • It has a very long life, durable, abrasion, and corrosion resistance features. In this way, it creates important opportunities in the areas used and provides savings. It does not require frequent maintenance.
  • Ceramic material fired at very high temperatures gains a hard and durable structure due to the process. Therefore, it does not show deformation even with very heavy loads, especially when used in areas such as storage.
  • It is resistant to impacts and causes the weight on it to be distributed equally to the whole floor, not in a single point. This creates an important opportunity in terms of appearance and usage.
  • It is possible to work on pallets or various work vehicles carrying products.
  • It provides great benefits for foodproducing places. Preventing the formation of bacteria on the floor causes more hygienic production environments. Especially in food, being hygienic is an important factor to prevent spoilage of products. On stone floors, this situation is not provided in the best way.
  • It is resistant even to heavy chemicals. Therefore, it maintains its resistance against possible splashes or spills in industrial areas.
  • Thanks to its environmentally friendly structure, it adds a spacious look to the area used. It is difficult to provide this spaciousness on stone floors.

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What is the most common ceramic type?

Among industrial products, we can divide ceramic products into different types. The most widely used ceramic type in industrial areas and enterprises are industrial ceramic or porcelain tiles. Since these products are produced by powder compression, they have a very fine-grained and highly durable structure. Thanks to their waterproof properties, they prevent moisture accumulation on the floor. As it has different sizes, it meets the requirements correctly. Industrial ceramic types, which are also very advantageous in thermal conductivity, provide hygiene, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting use. In this way, they offer economical and correct solutions to their floor needs.