What are the Features of Industrial Hexagonal Tile Floor? Where to use?

What are the Features of Industrial Hexagonal Tile Floor? Where to use?
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Hexagonal tile floors are among the most preferred applications in industrial facilities with their beneficial properties. Vibroser produces a wide variety of colors and sizes of hexagonal tiles. Industrial ceramic productions show high durability in many aspects.

Use of hexagonal tiles in industrial facilities

The experts choose floor coverings with a wide variety of aesthetic and quality features when installing and renovating industrial facilities. The expert can use ceramic and porcelain coating indoors and outdoors with varying properties. We produce anti-acid tiles in different sizes and aesthetic appearance. Tiles produced with the latest technology methods have various colors and features. There is a floor covering models with varying features such as tile mosaic types, hexagonal tiles.

Hexagonal ceramic tiles provide pretty high durability compared to concretes and other floor types. It has a structure that is resistant to chemicals and much safer for humans. In terms of its hygienic properties, it provides people with the hygiene they seek. Being easy to clean provides an economical use. Hexagonal tiles convenience for cleaning continues for many years.

Hexagonal tiles are produced from ceramic or porcelain. The client can prefer it in various or aesthetic models suitable for the facilities’ needs. Accordingly, Manufacturers prefer Hexagonal tiled flooring, which provides hygiene in all conditions and is resistant to various temperature values.

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Hexagonal tiles made of ceramic material

By using a ceramic material, producers make industrial ceramics in different aesthetics and sizes. Most food production centers prefer these productions. We offer the product with its many advantages and features. As they are much more durable than concrete and other materials, various production and storage centers prefer them. They contain high durability against impacts and abrasions. It is produced from a mixture of ceramic clay, sand, and other natural materials. It goes through appropriate processes, and coatings with desired properties are made. They are baked at very high temperatures.

The ceramic tiles are in products used for many years; therefore, their traces are frequently encountered in ancient civilizations. It is still preferred today with its durability properties. It is a very contemporary product. Hardness occurs in the tiles according to the firing degrees. This tile is one of the most important features that distinguish ceramics from other materials. A compact structure similar to glass is formed on the tiles during firing. Thanks to chemical bonds’ special and natural structures, ceramics have a very strong structure against breaking and impacts. They do not change their shape according to external factors and do not react with chemical substances. Tile ceramics are inert.

For this reason, they do not undergo dissolution or change. Due to their durability against loads, clients prefer them in a wide variety of storage areas. It provides ease of use with hygienic features.

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Hexagonal tile made of porcelain material

In productions where the floors are subject to fire, producers use porcelain tiles; also, clients prefer it in industrial areas. Its various advantageous features. Its low water absorption and hygienic properties respond to the properties sought in production areas. It is a very durable material against abrasions and high impacts.

Usage areas;

  • Meat and meat processing facilities
  • In water factories,

Food and food production factories

  • In milk and dairy factories
  • Chemical industry
  • Health sector
  • In shopping malls
  • Also, in the textile sector.

Manufacturers frequently prefer it in production channels because of its hygiene properties and durability features. It is a much more durable product than floor coverings made of other materials. Staff can clean it very quickly and easily. Due to price, it is economically beneficial with minimal maintenance requirements. The client can use it for many years with its first-day features and durability. Manufacturers use it throughout the life of the building without any damage. Porcelain tile surfaces are resistant to any impact and stains from outside. Cleaning staff can easily clean tiles with plain cleaning products, so clients easily prefer it in storage areas.

There are two types of porcelain tiles as glazed, and it is easy to clean; you can clean it with plain cleaning products, and producers prefer it in storage areas unglazed. Vibroser produces tiles suitable for all kinds of requests and aesthetic appearances. It provides an elegant aesthetic appearance to its environment. Vibroser produces anti-acid porcelain tiles in various colors. We can produce tiles’ in multiple colors and patterns, especially hexagonal tile gray, hexagonal tile yellow, hexagon tile beige, hexagonal tile red.

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Advantage of hexagonal tile for facilities

We can list the advantages of hexagonal tiles to the facilities as follows.

Firstly, it shows resistance to high weights. For this reason, hexagonal tiles are not affected by heavy loads in the areas where the client applies them. And intensive use of transport vehicles not damaged the ground.

Secondly, it is suitable for high standards of hygiene processes. It is antibacterial, minimizes bacterial growth. For this reason, it provides high hygiene to the areas where you apply it.

Thirdly, Its aesthetic appearance provides an appearance suitable for the structure of the facility.

Fourthly it is easy to clean. Therefore, hexagonal floor applications are the most preferred floor type in industrial facilities where hygiene is important.

Fifthly, Hexagonal tiles provide a safe working area with its non-slip feature for the floor. These tiles also create a natural measure for occupational health and safety. It decreases employees’ possibility of work accidents.

Sixthly, Manufacturers often prefer it in the chemical industry because chemicals do not affect it.  Also,it offers economical solutions to the facility due to tiles for many years.

Tile application with vibration application technique

The best tile application method is the “Vibratory Application Technique.” This ceramic flooring system provides the oldest and environmentally friendly building material, anti-acid porcelain tiles compacted. We press tiles one by one during the production process, and unity becomes durable and long-lasting for many years. It has surpassed traditional application methods with the quality and efficiency it offers. Industrial tiles provide quality, efficient and stable solutions to the areas where clients apply them.

There are important points that we considered when applying vibratory ceramic. For this reason, experts who know and will follow the instruction must make the application.

  • The expert team examining the ground and determine the needs, and do planning
  • The master mixed with mixer sand, cement, and concrete additives needed for the application
  • Before the application master cleans the floor from other materials.
  • The expert detects the slope on the ground.
  • The applier poured the prepared concrete mixture and corrected it with a gauge.
  • Tiles are laid by applying net and epoxy adhesives on the concrete.
  • The master makes Horizontal and vertical compression with high-frequency vibration machines.
  • The applier fils joint gaps with joint fillers- Epoxy Based Liquid Joint Filler W13 which has antibacterial properties

Hexagonal tiles provide effective facilities for meeting hygiene standards. Vibroser continues its activities as a reliable solution partner with hexagonal tiles with anti-acid and antibacterial properties that it sells and applies.