What are Wall and Panel Applications?

What are Wall and Panel Applications?
What are Wall and Panel Applications? | Vibroser Blog

Wall and panel applications; These are the works specially applied to the bottom of walls and panels in industrial facilities, personal and common living areas. Wall and panel applications are significant, especially important in businesses that require high hygiene processes such as the food sector. In industrial facilities, bacteria formation and dust accumulation are seen, especially at the bottom of the walls and panels. No matter how meticulous cleaning is done, if the correct materials are not used at the bottom of the walls and panels, the formation of bacteria and dust cannot be prevented.

The most suitable areas for bacteria to grow are wall and panel bottoms. Especially in open processes, bacteria in the area accelerate the deterioration period of the products. If there are bacteria in an area, the products’ shelf life of the products is shortened, and they may become harmful to health. For this reason, special skirting and border products should be used to clean the wall and panel bottoms more easily. 

Wall and Panel Application Suggestions

The best applications for wall and panel bottoms are hygienic baseboard and kerb applications. Especially in industrial facilities, these applications require high performance in terms of hygiene. Bacterial growth is eliminated in areas where the hygienic baseboard and curb applications are applied. Accordingly, the shelf life of the products is extended.

Hygienic skirting and kerb applications have an easy-to-clean structure as well as antibacterial properties. In other words, you can easily clean the dust and dirt formed in the hard-to-reach parts of the walls and panels. Hygienic skirting and kerb applications are produced from materials that do not reproduce bacteria. High standards specified in-laws and required for the quality of products should be established in food production facilities. For these high standards, hygienic skirting and kerb products are among the most accurate wall and panel applications.

The Role of Wall and Panel Applications on Occupational Health and Safety

Employers are obliged to ensure the occupational health and safety of personnel working in industrial facilities. Businesses should take all measures specified in the personnel’s occupational and safety laws in a work area. Hygienic skirting and border applications for wall and panel bottoms used in industrial facilities do not only contribute to the health of the produced product. It also has a great contribution to occupational safety and health.

Bacteria occurring in production areas can adversely affect the life of the products as well as the health of the employees. Therefore, hygienic kerbs and baseboards play an important role in protecting occupational health with their bacteria-preventing structure. Special panel and wall base applications used in industrial facilities provide a healthy working area for the personnel.

The corners of panels and walls in production areas are among the most dangerous areas for occupational accidents. With its striking color and protective properties, the industrial floors used in these areas also prevent occupational accidents for the personnel. 

A Research on Industrial Floor and Panel Protector Applications

We conducted scientific research to reveal the function of industrial floor and panel protective applications in industrial facilities. In this research, we chose the food production facility where bacteria would cause the most problem. 

The stages of our research are as follows

  • At the beginning of our research, we obtained a swap sample with the existing floor and panel structure from an actively operating facility. We determined the rate of microbes and bacteria formed at the facility based on the swap sample we took.
  • After taking a swap sample, we created a professional project and made our hygienic floor and panel protective applications. Then, we waited for a while for the facility to run after the applications we did.
  • We took another swap sample after our industrial floor and panel protective applications. We determined the rate of bacteria and germs in the facility in the new swap sample we took. 

As a result of the research, we compared microbes and bacteria’s growth between the two samples we took. According to the tests performed after our floor and panel protective applications, we have seen that the rate of germs and bacteria has decreased up to 80%. 

Based on this result, we have revealed how the ground should produce a healthy and quality product in a food facility. According to the research results, we have seen that when the wall and panel applications are selected among the hygienic border and skirting products, the required environment for the healthy production of the product is provided in the food facility.

Consequently, hygienic kerbs and skirting applications can be preferred in industrial facilities to prevent bacteria and microbes from forming at the bottom of the walls and panels. In addition to its hygienic structure, this application is resistant to heavy working capacity in the facility and external factors for a long time. You can visit our gallery page for visuals and videos of wall and panel applications.