What is Hexagon Tile Floor? Where is Hexagon Tile Floor Used?

What is Hexagon Tile Floor? Where is Hexagon Tile Floor Used?
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Hexagon tile floor; all areas requiring high hygiene standards, especially in the food industry, manufacturers use it. It is possible to encounter hexagon tile floor applications in production sectors. With its hygienic properties and durability properties, manufacturers frequently prefer hexagonal tile floor covering applications. We produce within our brand Various sizes and aesthetic appearances. According to the demands and needs of the facilities, manufacturers can prefer tiles with varying features. Hexagonal floors are the most preferred floor coverings due to their much more durable properties than other building materials, their resistance to various chemicals, heavy loads, and impacts. It is very popular with its performance above all expectations regarding aesthetics.

Hexagon tile floor usage areas

Hexagonal tile floors, also known as industrial, are used in various industrial areas. Food and beverage factories and meat plants are the main areas of use. Since floor hygiene is important in such areas, hexagonal ceramic applications with hygienic floor properties are carried out. They have both ceramic and porcelain productions. We can specially produce hexagonal ceramic products for your needs or your project. It is also frequently preferred in milk and dairy factories due to its liquid-resistant structures. Various beverage facilities, such as water factories, prefer hexagonal ceramic floors.

Hygienic hexagonal floors are preferred not only in beverage factories but also in various food production factories. It is possible to encounter hexagon tile floor applications in all kinds of food and beverage factories such as frozen food factories, canning factories, meat processing factories, snack product factories. Hygiene is one of the important conditions in industrial food and beverage channels. Floor hygiene is also of great importance in terms of keeping these types of areas hygienic. Hex tiled floors help maintain the required health standards thanks to their easy-to-clean features.

We can list the usage areas of hexagon tile floors as follows;

  • Meat and dairy plants,
  • Fisheries,
  • In bakeries, patisseries,
  • In mass food production places,
  • Vegetable and animal oil production factories,
  • Production facilities in the automotive sector,
  • In-vehicle services and showrooms,
  • Textile industry,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Cosmetics industry,
  • Shopping centers, supermarkets, and DIY stores,
  • Hospitals in the health sector, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, drug warehouses,
  • Bus terminals, subway stations, and airports in the transportation sector,
  • In power plants,
  • In the tourism sector and etc.

Also, facilities use it in antacid hygienic floor applications, resistant to heavy loads and chemicals in many sectors.

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Why should hexagon tile floor be preferred?

Hexagon tile floors, also known as industrial tiles, and manufacturers prefer it for their many advantages. The reasons why manufacturers prefer it so much are undoubtedly its features. With its cost and quality features, it is one of the most popular floor coverings.  Tile can be produced from materials such as industrial ceramics. It contains high resistance to chemicals. This material stands out with its high durability against concrete and other ground types. It shows high resistance to acids and various oils.

It is also resistant to changing temperature and weather conditions when used on exterior surfaces. We produce it in a wide variety of aesthetic appearances. We can make many options, applications for the needs of the facilities. The floor covering model, which stands out with its environmentally friendly features, is also economical as it can be used for many years.

Which materials is tile made of?

There are two different types of tiles, ceramic and porcelain. Acid prof ceramic;  You can prefer it for wall tiles, floor tiles, and bathroom tiles. We produce a wide variety of different designs and colors. You can choose different models and sizes according to your needs and decorations. The manufacturers frequently prefer it due to its high protection and resistance against abrasion and chemical substances. It interacts much less with variable substances due to its firing at high temperatures and thus provides long-lasting use.

Acid prof porcelain tile production is produced from porcelain raw material. Clients often prefer porcelain materials due to their high protection and durability against water, impact, negative factors. It is one of the most popular tile types, thanks to its strength and durability compared to other floor coverings and its properties that clients can use for many years.
Thanks to its chemical-resistant properties, many industrial productions prefer it. Due to the fact that they have different aesthetic appearances, people can easily discover the productions suitable for their own aesthetic tastes and make their choices.

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Are hexagon tiles hard to lay?

To maintain their durability for many years, expert teams should lay hexagonal tiles with the Vibratory Application Technique. Since the tiles are combined one by one, it is easy to apply to every area.

How do you tile a floor with hexagon tile?

The laying of hexagonal tiles is as follows.

  • The expert team examining the ground determines ground needs and does the planning.
  • Workers prepare the sand, cement, concrete additives required for the application and mix them with a mixer.
  • The adept clean the floor for the application and clears it from other substances.
  • The expert determines whether there is a slope on the ground or not.
  • The applier poured the prepared concrete mixture and smoothing it with a gauge.
  • The master lays tile by applying net and epoxy adhesives on the concrete.
  • The master makes horizontal and vertical compression with high-frequency vibration machines.
  • Joint gaps, with anti-bacterial properties, Epoxy Based Liquid Joint Filler W13 filled with joint fillers.

Vibroer Blog | Hexagon Tile Floor

Are hexagon tiles expensive?

If our answer to the question of hexagonal tiles is expensive, it will be inexpensive; because hexagonal tiles are a durable building material that you will use in your facility for many years. We can make special production for your facility’s needs. You can get a price quote suitable for your project by contacting us.

When was hexagonal tile popular?

Hexagon tile floors are special applications to meet the needs of facilities used for many years. Hexagon tile floors are always the most popular with their advantages.