What is Industrial Porcelain Tile? What are the Features?

What is Industrial Porcelain Tile? What are the Features?
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Industrial porcelain tile is a special floor application that offers high usage quality and comfort for industrial production or service areas. It is a highly special and functional floor covering product that is not affected by high-density acids, has a low water absorption level, and meets aesthetically pleasing expectations. Thanks to its high density and small pore size, it causes the floor coverings of industrial enterprises to be hygienic, safe, and healthy. The compact material, which consists of residual crystalline phases embedded in the glassy phase, is resistant to high freezing, impacts, and abrasion. Thanks to its high quality, it is the most suitable flooring product for industrial facility floors.

Industrial porcelain tile advantages

There are many advantages of industrial porcelain floor tiles applications. Thanks to their longevity, industrial porcelain tiles are an economical product for businesses. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, it always preserves its first-day appearance. It allows providing the most ideal solutions for industrial facilities where hygiene rules are at the forefront. Due to its high density, you can use it easily in outdoor areas and its low water absorption rate protects against events such as frost. Since it also protects slipping, it also prevents situations such as work accidents. It also prevents abrasion in areas with high work and human density and is therefore suitable for long-lasting use. At the same time, industrial-style floor tiles, which are also aesthetically effective, also offer a more beautiful appearance.

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What is the best brand of porcelain tile?

The most important thing for industrial-style floor tiles is to use the right materials and follow the correct production stages. Therefore, it is important to choose the right brand. If products that do not meet the required standards are used, the porcelain tiles floor will not provide the expected performance. The production of long-lasting, durable, high-strength tiles will also show the best porcelain tile brand. You can review our best porcelain tile products.

Which is better: ceramic or porcelain tile?

It is necessary to consider different details in order to choose between porcelain tiles floor and ceramic. Heavy-duty industrial floor tiles primarily provide solutions suitable for the job description in industrial enterprises. Porcelain is made of clay soil and is cooked at higher temperatures than ceramic. In ceramics, the combination of some materials is required due to the exposure of the underground rocks to external factors. It is obtained from firing clay, kaolin, and different minerals at high temperatures.

In this respect, they are different in terms of ceramic and porcelain production techniques and materials.

• Ceramic is a matte material and does not resist water.

• Porcelain, on the other hand, has a glossy surface and is ideal in terms of floor material, especially with its anti-slip feature. Heavy-duty industrial floor tiles are water absorbent and provide a perfect solution for wet or damp floors.

• Since ceramic tiles are not as hard as porcelain tiles, they tend to break or deform more quickly. For this reason, it is not suitable for areas with heavy loads and heavy human traffic.

Porcelain tiles, which are heavy-duty industrial flooring, are incredibly durable products. In terms of floors, industrial porcelain tiles you can use it on surfaces such as walls. Porcelain tiles, which are as durable as natural stone, help meet expectations in the best way.

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Industrial porcelain tiles prices

Industrial porcelain floor tiles prices offer economical solutions according to the area where you will use them. Thanks to its long life, it is an economical flooring type. At the same time, due to its easy maintenance, it does not encounter wear, deformation, and similar problems. It provides a very long-lasting use on the floor where you apply it and does not require renewal or replacement later. Therefore, it has features that will pay for itself in the long term in terms of price.

Vibroser industrial porcelain tile general features

Industrial porcelain tiles to be used in areas such as heavy-duty industrial flooring and walls are offered with our Vibroser brand with very high quality and functional features. It is the most reliable coating material for high hygiene conditions, especially in the food sector. It is a product that is resistant to impacts, not affected by chemicals, resistant to heavy loads, does not produce bacteria, and offers long-lasting use. Thanks to different color options, industrial porcelain tiles can be applied in accordance with decoration.

As a result, we can list Vibroser industrial porcelain tile properties as follows.

  • Thanks to its matte surface, Non-slip and wear-free
  • Chemicals, oils, and acids do not affect it (acid-proof porcelain tiles)
  • Resistant to heavy materials and intensive use,
  • It has higher strength compared to concrete,
  • Due to its density, it does not produce bacteria and does not hold dirt,
  • It is easy to clean and does not need routine maintenance,
  • Resistant to high temperatures,
  • Does not change color since it is produced using natural materials,
  • Long-lasting,
  • Environmentally friendly.

In addition to color preferences, we can also produce in different sizes. At the same time, it has the features to meet the needs of industrial porcelain tiles most accurately, thanks to its ideal thickness measurements.