What Is Wall and Stainless Steel Corner Guards?

What Is Wall and Stainless Steel Corner Guards?
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Stainless steel corner guards; are products produced for facilities that must comply with high hygiene standards, especially in the food manufacturing flooring storage and sales areas. It is produced using stainless steel. Wall guards provide hygiene in the areas where they are found by reducing bacteria contact with the walls. Wall bottoms are the most suitable areas for the growth of invisible microorganisms. Corner guards prevent bacterial growth and support the creation of a hygienic environment.

Vibroser stainless steel corner guards are products with migration test certificates. It prevents bacterial growth in areas requiring hygiene. Wall bottoms are overlooked areas during cleaning or that cannot be cleaned well enough. Dust and dirt accumulating in these areas over time can cause hygiene problems. In order to prevent such unfavorable situations, wall edge protectors are used. It is complicated to clean, especially corner areas in industrial facilities. Because the cleaning staff may not be able to focus sufficiently while cleaning in these areas. Thanks to the hygiene corner guards, hard-to-reach areas are much easier to clean.


Stainless Steel Corner Guards Usage Areas

Usage areas of stainless steel corner guards are used in all kinds of facilities where hygiene is a very important condition. It acts as a wall protector in the area where it is applied. Its main usage areas are;

  • Food manufacturing (Food, meat, milk, fish production facilities)
  • Health sector (hospitals, pharmaceutical production facilities, pharmaceutical warehouses, medical centers)
  • Patisseries, bakeries, cafes, markets,
  • Vegetable and animal oil production areas,
  • Chemical industry (preferred because chemicals can damage the walls) Cosmetics industry
  • It is used to provide hygiene in areas where people are present together, such as airports.

What Are Wall and Corner Guards? What Does It Do?

The main purpose of the use of wall corner guards is hygiene. It is the product that offers the most effective solutions in areas where hygiene is required. Wall corner guards greatly assist in ensuring high hygiene processes. There are models with varying features and heights according to all kinds of needs. Cleaning large areas is one of the biggest problems. Although professional cleaning supports are taken, it is not always possible to provide high hygiene at the bottom of the wall and in the corner areas. Cleaning panel bottoms and wall bottoms is much more difficult. Panel protectors, which have a stainless structure, help to clean these areas much more quickly, and thus high hygiene standards are ensured.

Hitting walls, panels, and columns in storage areas can cause deformation. Stainless corner guards protect the areas against all kinds of impacts, regardless of whether they are heavy or light. Thanks to its impact softening properties, walls and columns are not damaged. It protects from adverse situations such as removing paints and cracking walls. With small metal corner guards, you can protect both; equipment and walls.

What are the features of stainless corner guards?

It has many features in terms of hygiene. Stainless corner guards prevent bacterial growth in the areas where they are located and facilitate cleaning. Especially in the facilities where food production is carried out, the unreachable areas must be suitable for high hygiene conditions. Stainless wall and corner guards are ideal for food safety.

Corner Protectors are produced in varying specifications and heights. Special production is made to suit the needs and specifications of the facility. Wall protection panels’ thickness and heights vary according to the usage areas’ needs. By examining the hygienic border panel protectors we produce as Vibroser, you can choose the products that meet your facility’s needs among our wide range of products.

Stainless corner guards prices

Stainless corner guard’s prices vary according to usage areas and needs. The width of the areas to be used is also one factor that affects pricing. Productions are carried out for all kinds of conditions. Thicknesses and heights vary according to the usage areas. The prices of the products produced following the needs in our wide range of products also vary according to their features.

Usage areas and widths of wall corner protectors directly affect pricing. There is a wide variety of product ranges and different models. These model choices also affect pricing. The prices vary according to the thickness, height, models, usage areas of the products, and the areas’ width. Stainless corner guards have a durable structure; they are long-lasting. It also provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the areas where it is applied. We produce them are special to meet the hygiene needs of your facility. Click to view Vibroser’s hygienic border panel protector products.