What is Wall Guard? What Are Wall Guards For?

What is Wall Guard? What Are Wall Guards For?
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Wall guards are applied to walls, columns, and door entrances to prevent impacts and crashes. In industrial areas can frequently occur crashes at doorways and walls during transport. Manufacturers use the wall protector to prevent the door walls or columns.

In storage areas and production areas, corners and doors can be seriously damaged during product transportation. The solution to eliminating these damages is wall corner protectors. It provides high protection against any impact in the areas where they are located. It provides the highest level of protection of the environments they are in, against the impact of transport vehicles such as forklifts and pallet trucks. Thanks to their wall-mountable structure, they are very easy to use. Mostly, food production facilities and industrial areas prefer it.

What does a wall guard do?

Wall guards are products that provide high protection against impacts in the areas where client use them. It has many advantages. One of these advantages that it is hygienic. The wall guards are also preferred to provide hygiene. It provides high hygiene standards in the area where you apply it, with its easily cleaned and bacteria-free structure.

Wall corner guards prevent areas such as floors, doors, walls from being damaged. While carrying heavy loads, the worker can damage the environment without being aware of it. Wall guards minimize the damages. It softens the impacts and provides a high level of protection against impacts in the areas where it is used.

Wall guards usage areas

Wall protection areas of use are very diverse. Manufacturers prefer it in various areas such as walls and panel doors. Because you can use it in all areas within a facility. The general task of wall and corner guards is to soften any impact from various vehicles or equipment in the areas where they are applied and prevent damage to the environment. That is why manufacturers prefer them to avoid damages that may arise from impacts. Its easy assembly structure is one of its advantages.

Main application areas;

  • Meat and meat products facilities,
  • Slaughterhouses,
  • Fish production facilities,
  • Facilities where milk and dairy products are produced,
  • Dining halls,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Food production facilities
  • Hospitals,
  • Laboratories,
  • Chemical industries,
  • Power plants,
  • Storage centers and sales centers
  • various areas, such as parking lots use it.

There has a structure that you can use in all areas. It provides high protection against bumps and knocks. Large areas such as airports and metro stations prefer it for its functional features. Also, large and wide areas such as bus terminals use it to protect walls and corners from bumps and impacts.

Shopping malls use it to prevent some passages and ensure that passages are much healthier. Also, the health sector prefers it because it provides high standards of hygiene processes.

What are the wall guard usage features?

Wall protection features are very diverse. The most important features are that it is not affected by impacts and has a hygienic structure. Secondly, it provides high protection and hygiene against impacts in the areas where masters apply it. Thirdly, the master can assemble them easily and practically. Moreover, we can make special production in different sizes according to the needs.

According to their usage areas, there are different features and types of wall protectors. There are two types of guards; stainless steel corner guards and acrylic corner guards. Metal corner guards are made of stainless steel. There are structures with radii. In this way, they minimize bacterial growth in the areas where they are located. There are also different sizes. Last but not least, it provides high protection from heavy damages caused by vehicles carrying heavy loads in industrial areas.

They have a very resistant structure against external factors. They can be cleaned easily and minimize bacterial growth in the areas where they are located. According to their needs, users can make their polymer or stainless properties preferences. The producer can carry out wall protection productions with varying features depending on the intended use. It helps to create a very stylish environment due to its aesthetic appearance.

Prices of wall guards

Wall guards’ prices vary according to the models and size the client prefers. Product models are one of the most important factors in terms of pricing. Wall protection prices may vary depending on the needs and size of the facility. Their wide variety of looks and features and pricing are also variable.

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