Vibroser continues its journey in the field of industrial flooring, which started in 1986, as a reliable solution partner of businesses with the requirements of the modern age and developing technology. Vibroser makes chemical-resistant, anti-acid and hygienic floor applications in many sectors such as food, beverage, storage, sales, automotive, textile, chemistry, cosmetics, health sectors and shopping centers. Vibroser’s patented and proprietary Hygienic Wall Protection Products offer antimicrobial, hygienic environments and solutions that minimize the formation of bacteria on walls and panel bottoms in facilities and protect against corrosion and impacts. Vibroser operates worldwide and contributes to industries.

Tile Manufacturing Plant

Message from the General Manager

Vibroser leads the way as a company that conducts all its activities with respect to people, society and the environment. Our global sustainability approach guides our efforts under the headings of product quality and safety, environmentally friendly production, efficient resource utilization, recycling, dissemination of innovation culture, occupational health and safety, fair competition and ethical values and equal opportunity, as well as the continuity of our financial and operational success. With these efforts, we continue our investments with our globalization vision and sustainable growth approach to create benefit for generations around the world.

We are Perfectionists

We have solutions with convincing performance, quality and handling characteristics that are always one step ahead in the market. Because for us, robustness and hygiene are the world’s greatest challenges. We work for it every day.

With our dynamic and experienced team, with field and office work in an environment of cooperation and synergy, we continue to produce and implement special, functional, user-friendly products that make a difference with their quality in accordance with global standards.

We are Vibroser


By participating in the world's leading fairs, we share our business with the whole world.

Quality Control

Every product that we produce goes through a detailed quality control process.

Implementation & Consulting

We offer implementation and consulting services to meet our customers' needs.

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