About Us

As Vibroser, we continue our journey, which we started in 1986, as a reliable solution partner of enterprises with the modern age requirements and developing technical requirements.

Vibroser; We make antacid and hygiene floor applications resistant to chemicals, not affected by heavy loads, and in many sectors such as automotive, textile, chemistry, cosmetics, shopping malls, especially in food, beverage, storage, and sales areas. With the “Vibratory System Technique” we have created as a result of R&D and project experiences, antacid flooring floors in industrial areas are provided with a long life.

We offer an anti-microbial environment and solutions that minimize bacterial growth on walls and panel bottoms of areas requiring high hygiene processes and protect against corrosion and impacts with Hygiene Border and Hygiene Baseboards, registered by our brand.

We operate and carry out projects all over the world. We contribute to the sector’s development with the successful projects we have completed so far.

Our Purpose as Vibroser Family

To create innovative and sustainable solutions for the facilities to meet the hygiene standards by creating solid and long-lasting floors by the developing technology.