About Us

Our Story

Vibroser’s journey focused on the industrial floor, covering applications that began about 35 years ago. With its R&D & product technologies, modern production facilities, and qualified human resources, it continues its march into the future.

Vibroser’s main purpose/outlet is to be a reliable solution partner for the facilities to meet hygiene standards by creating solid and long-lasting floors with the developing technology.

Vibroser exports its services, which include hygiene flooring and wall covering products, to 29 countries.

Our Vision

The main philosophy that has carried Vibroser from its foundation to success is the human and innovation-centric approach. In this context, the principles and mottos that express our brand most accurately are:

Product: Solid Floors, Hygienic Facilities.

Man: We are better together and stronger. Your emphasis on employee happiness, participation in processes with ideas, and all kinds of feedback can be the main architect of your success.

R&D: The desire to design future products with its continuous innovation cycle is the most fundamental phenomenon that makes your brand different from your competitors.

Quality: Investment in human resources, R&D, and technology determines the quality of your business, products, and services.

Sustainability: The sustainability approach is fundamentally proportional to the importance you place on the environment. It begins by accepting that the world’s resources are limited and finds value when taken into account in its social and economic dimensions.

Contributing to the development of people in your business ecosystem in social development and environmental sensitivity gives your brand the privilege of being a sustainable future pioneer. Vibroser cares about the principles of the UN Sustainability Development Plan and accelerates conversion efforts within this framework.

Why Vibroser?

Vibroser Seramik is preferred as a respected solution partner worldwide with its hygienic design, engineering, and floor and wall covering products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, and chemical sectors, especially food and beverage. The following factors play an important role in this choice:

  • Anti-acid porcelain products have high corrosion resistance to overload, rusting, breakage, and wear on high heat difference or heavy traffic exposed floors.
  • Hygiene Kerbs and Hygiene Baseboards, registered by Vibroser, provide an anti-microbial environment and solutions that minimize bacteria formation at wall and panel bottoms of areas requiring high hygiene processes and protect against corrosion impacts.
  • Vibroser offers worldwide services for no project, whether large or small.
  • Provides end-to-end solutions; design, production, procurement, application, and warranty!
  • Vibroser has 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, supplying, and implementing turnkey hygiene flooring and wall covering systems.
  • Vibroser antiacid to products has a high resistance to the corrosive effect of aggressive chemical concentrations/acids on floor surfaces.
  • Floor projects carrying the signature of Vibroser Global stand out with their high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance and meet the highest standard expectations on planar ground.

Proving itself with its quality and expertise in industrial-grade tiles, Vibroser has the best term-time statistics to meet its customers’ new product needs, proving itself with its quality and expertise in industrial-grade tiles. Our business production policy is built on continuous innovation ideals and increasing our products’ high diversity level.