Wall protection systems provide durable, functional and aesthetic solutions to protect surfaces like walls, panels, corners and doors in case of damages caused by wheeled and pedestrian traffic. Wall protection systems that known for their quality and durability are used in a wide range of market sectors including food, healthcare, logistics, heavy industry, automotive, education, retail and commerce. Every business needs to prioritize wall protection, whether it has a high-mobility environment or not. If you want your structure to last a long time and durable, you should use wall protection systems to protect it from larger dents and holes that can occur over time due to minor damages and impacts.

Some of the advantages of wall protection systems:

  • Durability: Provides high resistance to impacts.
  • Hygiene: Industrial wall protection creates a barrier and prevents moisture and bacteria. Bacteria do not grow on the surface of the products.
  • Design: Wall protection products can be used to improve the design or aesthetics of an area, for directing and signaling.

Wall protection systems are extremely durable, even after many years of use. Depending on the environment and preference, there are options made of acrylic or stainless steel.

Wall protection systems offer specialized products and wall protection solutions that designed to save time and money by reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Suitable for the strictest high hygiene standards in the world
  • As the safety first principle must always apply, Wall Protection Systems help prevent injuries caused by vehicles hitting employees/pedestrians inside the facility
  • Provides first class environmental safety and protection
  • Does not restrict the use of space
  • Eliminates maintenance and renewal costs, saving time and money and designed to offer long time usage value
  • Worldwide supply and installation service

Time and Cost Savings With Fast Installation

Vibroser Hygienic Baseboard, Stainless Baseboard, Wall Protector and Wall Corner Protectors (Wall and Corner Protection Profile) are ready-to-assemble products. They can be easily installed and ready to use in a very short time. Wall and corner protection systems are the best choices for protecting your walls. When your old wall protection systems let you down unexpectedly and a high quality replacement is needed quickly, there is no equivalent alternative for Wall Protection Solutions manufactured by Vibroser.

Our wall protection systems do not have maintenance and spare parts requirements. The unrivaled reliability of our products will save you from many problems and future maintenance costs.

Wall Protection Systems Usage Areas

The usage areas of wall protection systems and wall protection strips are quite wide, we can list the main areas as follows;

  • Commercial bakeries, patisseries, delicatessens, cafes and restaurants,
  • Fish breeding facilities,
  • Meat and dairy production facilities, slaughterhouses and butchers,
  • Dining halls, mass food production facilities,
  • Vegetal, animal and chemical oil production facilities,
  • Automotive production facilities, vehicle services and showrooms in different sectors,
  • Textile and cosmetic facilities
  • Chemical industry and chemical substances used facilities
  • In areas such as shopping malls, markets, supermarkets, construction markets,
  • In areas operating in the health sector such as pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, medical centers,
  • Petrochemical industry,
  • These products are used in areas such as terminals, subways, trams and airports where people move collectively.

Leave wall protection to the experts, trust Vibroser!

Take a detailed look at our Wall Protection products. See prices for industrial wall protection solutions, take a look at installed visuals and get a more precise idea of how our product portfolio can meet your building security needs.

Vibroser manufactures its wall protection products in its own factories. This gives us control and flexibility to fulfill customer requirements. Many respective businesses around the world rely on our expertise. Your company can also benefit from our wall protection solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors. Our wall protection sales experts will be at your disposal to guide you through the selection process. Our expert team will conduct a needs analysis, carefully assess the space and traffic, identify the most vulnerable areas in your building and recommend which of our protection products should be used where they are needed.

We are also happy to support you in your planning process to ensure that all legal requirements are provided. No matter which sector you operate in, you can ask support from our free project and consultancy services.

What is wall protection system?

Wall protection systems are functional, aesthetic and hygienic solutions developed to protect walls, wall corners and doors. Hygienic baseboards are products that included in the wall protection system.

How do I protect my walls from damage?

You can prefer wall protection systems to protect your walls from damage. Baseboards, curbs, bollards and similar heavy-duty wall protection products will protect your walls against damage.

What is the best way to protect wall corners?

The Wall Corner Protector product produced by Vibroser which is not only protects the wall corners but also provides an aesthetic appearance. Another important advantage is having Migration Test Certificate (certificate of suitability for food contact). So it can be used in food factories.

How do you protect walls from wheelchair damage?

You can choose the Wall Protector product produced by Vibroser to prevent damage caused by wheelchairs hitting the wall. The Wall Protector product also acts as a “Warning Band” with its eye-catching yellow color.

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