Hygienic Stairs Skirting 100x10mm
Hygienic Stairs Skirting 100x10mm

Hygienic Stairs Skirting 100x10mm

Hygienic Stair Skirting is antimicrobial and hygienic. It protects the stairs from bumps and impacts. It also serves as a warning band thanks to its traffic yellow color.

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Hygienic Stairs Skirting 100x10mm is a product with a smooth surface that is applied to stairs, resistant to chemicals and acids. Thanks to hygienic stair skirting, bacteria formation is prevented even in the most inaccessible places. Easy to clean and radius. Special production is made according to needs.

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Our Hygienic Stairs Skirting product does not contain glass fiber for human health and food safety! Our products are patented, and all legal rights belong to Vibroser company.


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