Hygienic Skirting, On Top of the Floor Covering 150x1000x12mm

Traffic yellow colored hygienic skirting board with panel and wall protector is a hygienic solution for sectors where high hygiene standards are applied, especially in the food sector.

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Hygienic Skirting, On Top of the Floor Covering, dimensions 150x1000x12mm.

Hygienic Skirting, On Top of the Floor Covering Specifications

  • Protects panels, walls and columns from light and medium impacts in all types of industrial facilities that require hygiene.
  • They are products made of acrylic material with smooth surface and resistant to acids and chemicals.
  • Thanks to its radius form, it is easy to clean and reduces the formation of bacteria.
  • While providing protection against corrosion where it is used, it also acts as a “WARNING BAND” thanks to its visible color.
  • The products are produced in two types as over coating and in front of coating according to the need.
  • Thanks to their ease of maintenance and cleaning, they are much more sustainable, efficient and permanent solutions than their alternatives.

Areas of Use

  • Food Industry (Meat, Fish, Milk, Dairy Products, Bakery Products, Oil, Food, Beverages, etc.)
  • Health Sector (Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Production-Warehousing),
  • Chemical, Petro Chemical, Automotive, Cosmetics, Logistics and Transportation, Tourism Sectors,
  • Shopping Malls and Supermarkets, etc.

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