Hygienic Column Skirting 150x140mm

Hygienic Column Skirting is easy to clean, resistant to dirt and stains, which does not allow bacteria to form.

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Facilities, workplaces, and public spaces often pose potential impact and collision risks for columns due to frequent human traffic and other activities. Hygienic Column Skirting not only protects walls and columns from impacts and collisions but also is suitable for hygiene processes due to its antibacterial properties.

Advantages of Hygienic Column Skirting:

Protection: Hygienic Column Skirting safeguards columns from impacts and collision damage, helping maintain the structural integrity of facilities in the long term.

Hygiene: These skirtings provide an excellent solution in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. They protect the areas around columns from dirt, dust, and other contaminants, thus creating a more hygienic environment.

Durability: Made from water-resistant materials, these skirtings are suitable for long-term use and require minimal maintenance over the years.

Easy Maintenance: Hygienic Column Skirting is easy to clean and maintain, reducing operational costs while elevating hygiene standards.

Our Hygienic Column Skirting product does not contain glass fiber for human health and food safety! Our products are patented, and all legal rights belong to Vibroser company.

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