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Hexagon Acid Proof Tile 100x116 Blue
Hexagon Acid Proof Tile 100x116 Burgundy
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Hexagon Acid Proof Tile 100x116

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Meet the World's Toughest Floor Tile

From Stressful Environments to High Footfall Zones: Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles Deliver Unrivaled Performance

As a global leader in Heavy Duty Tile manufacturing, Vibroser utilizes cutting-edge technology to develop industrial flooring solutions renowned for their outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical stress, and thermal shock. These Heavy Duty Tiles present a reliable and enduring flooring solution, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of diverse industrial settings. Over four decades of successful applications across industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals have solidified Vibroser’s unmatched reputation for performance. Their steadfast commitment to quality establishes Vibroser as the go-to choice for those in search of robust and dependable flooring solutions in challenging environments.


Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles emerge as the ultimate selection for high footfall areas and environments exposed to substantial stress. Acknowledged for their remarkable breaking strength, these tiles demonstrate unwavering durability across a broad spectrum of industrial settings, from small-scale operations to extensive industrial facilities. The unparalleled robustness of Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles positions them as some of the most resilient porcelain tiles available. Engineered specifically to withstand the most challenging conditions, Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles have cemented their status as among the sturdiest porcelain tiles, offering dependable and enduring flooring solutions for areas where strength and durability are of paramount importance. Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles stand out as a premier choice for high footfall areas and environments subjected to significant stress. Renowned for their exceptional breaking strength, these tiles exhibit unwavering durability in a wide spectrum of industrial settings, ranging from small-scale operations to large-scale industrial facilities. The unparalleled robustness of Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles positions them as some of the most resilient porcelain tiles in the market. Specifically engineered to endure the most demanding conditions, Vibroser Heavy Duty Tiles have solidified their reputation as among the strongest porcelain tiles, providing reliable and long-lasting flooring solutions for areas where strength and durability are paramount.


Hexagon Acid Proof Tile 100x116



  1. Unmatched Chemical Resistance

Vibroser acid proof tile is impervious to even the most corrosive chemicals.

  1. Effortless Maintenance

Vibroser acid proof tile is virtually maintenance-free. It won’t stain, chip, or fade, so you can rest assured that it will look great for years to come.

  1. Unbreakable Durability

Vibroser acid proof tile is incredibly strong and durable. It can withstand even the most extreme conditions, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.

Built to Endure 🚀

Hexagon Acid Proof Tile, an exceptional industrial flooring solution, undergoes a meticulous process involving 4600 tons of pressure and baking in an industrial oven at 1200 degrees. This results in a product renowned for its unparalleled strength and durability, setting a new standard in the construction industry.

Elevate Hygiene Standards with Our Food Grade Flooring Solutions!

We’ve tiled floors for over 1000 food processing facilities.

Unmatched in the Food Industry!

Food Processing Facilities

Dairy and Cheese Processing Plants

Meat Processing Facilities

Beverage Production Plants

Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries

Seafood Processing Plants

Poultry Processing Plants

Commercial Bakeries

Commercial Kitchens

Vinegar Manufacturing Facilities

Ready Meal Manufacturing Facilities

Ice Cream Production Facilities

Baby Food Manufacturing Facilities

Canning and Preserving Facilities

Dessert and Pastry Factories

Confectioneries and Chocolate Factories

Herb and Spice Processing Centers

Coffee Roasting and Processing Centers

Tea Blending and Packaging Facilities

Frozen Food Production Facilities

Grain Milling and Flour Production Facilities

Egg Processing Plants

Salad and Fresh Produce Processing Plants

Soup and Stew Production Facilities

Pasta Manufacturing Plants

Sauce and Condiment Production Facilities

Pet Food Manufacturing Facilities

Food Packaging and Distribution Centers

We are wherever robust flooring is required.

Extreme Durability for the Most Demanding Environments!

Healthcare Industry: Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, and health sector warehouses.

Energy Sector: Battery rooms, power plants and energy production facilities.

Automotive Industry: Automotive manufacturing facilities, auto shops and service areas.

Chemical Laboratories: Research and development laboratories.

Textile Manufacturing: Textile manufacturing facilities.

Chemical Industry: Chemical processing and manufacturing sector.

Cosmetics: Cosmetics industry establishments.

Retail: Shopping centers, supermarkets, and DIY stores.

Transportation: Transportation hubs including bus terminals, metro stations, and airports.

Electronics Industry: Electronic production facilities and rooms.

Water Treatment Plants: Floors requiring chemical resistance.

Mining Industry: Mining facilities and chemical processing areas.

Metal Processing Plants: Metal production and processing facilities.

Maritime and Ships: Acid-resistant floors on ships.

Defense and Military Facilities: Military facilities requiring chemical-resistant flooring.


What is Vibratory Application Technique?

Vibratory application technique in industrial anti-acid porcelain tile flooring begins with removing the existing concrete floor from dirt. The concrete floor is cleaned from dirt, spilled sand, and waste by pressurized water washing machines. After cleaning the floor, the mortar is poured, where the anti-acid tiles will be combined with the floor. After the mortar is poured, the floor is improved to get a smooth floor. Thus, the floor, which is both flat and clean, is made suitable for the placement of anti-acid tile floor mortar. High-quality adhesives are applied to the fresh mortar. After applying high-quality adhesive, anti-acid tiles are assembled parallel to the rope and miter.

After the tile installation process, pre-compression is performed, ensuring no space between the floor and the tiles. This technique is called the vibratory compression technique because horizontal and vertical vibration movements are used during compression. After all these applications, it should be left for a while for the floor to become suitable for the application. In this process, the tiles are frozen by the mortar’s own heat, as the water absorption rate is zero. After the vibration process is completed and left for a while, a dust vacuum process is applied to clean the surfaces. Then, a liquid epoxy filling is applied to the joints.

+ VSEE VIBRATION SYSTEM XW1000 is epoxy bonding and W13 liquid epoxy grouting application system;

it has been accepted in facilities with (-40 – +70) degrees heat environment on the floors of food factories in developed countries. The VSEE system is a CE-certified XW1000, gel paste type epoxy-based adhesive and epoxy-based W13 liquid joint filler application, which has been specially developed for the vibratory application method and has a much higher adhesion strength than its counterparts, and is also applied with a machine system.

VSEE is an indispensable solution for installations that require particularly high mechanical strength. Solving the solid and long-lasting floor needs of hot and cold rooms, acidic and caustic environments of all kinds of food, meat, milk, fish, beverage, and bakery product producers. It is a system where masters made 400 doses of m3 400 kg of cementitious thick bed mortar and ceramic application on the same day and saved time.

It is the most economical and guaranteed solution with minimum maintenance cost in the long term.

+ VSFE VIBRATION SYSTEM flex bonding and W13 epoxy joint filler application system

It is a high-strength cement-based, two-component C2TE S1 class flex adhesive and machine system epoxy-based W13 liquid joint filler application. This is a suitable system, especially for industrial facilities that require medium and weak chemical resistance and medium-light mechanical strength.

It is a time-saving system, thanks to the application of 400 doses of thick bed mortar and ceramics in the same day while solving the floor needs of all kinds of meat, milk, fish, beverage, and bakery product producers in acidic and non-caustic environments.

Thanks to its minimum maintenance requirement, it is also a cost-effective solution alternative.

+ VSFF VIBRATION SYSTEM; flex adhesive and flex joint filler application system;

It is an economical application that uses the advantages of vibrating system application with high strength two-component C2TE S1 class flex adhesive and CG2 class flex joint filler. Therefore, it is a suitable system especially for industrial facilities that require medium-light mechanical strength (markets etc.) and operate at dry and normal temperatures.

It is the most economical solution alternative thanks to its minimum maintenance requirement. Also, it is a time-saving system, thanks to the application of 400 doses of thick bed mortar and joint filling with ceramics on the same day.

It is the most economical solution alternative thanks to its minimum maintenance requirement.


No matter where you are in the world, you can purchase Vibroser tiles. We provide local services through our own teams and authorized installation partners to ensure that the tiles are installed using our recommended application method. This global reach allows for consistent quality and expertise in installation, regardless of location.

Questions about Acid Proof Tiles? Here are some answers…

What are the key features of Hexagon Acid Proof Tiles?

Hexagon Acid Proof Tiles are known for their exceptional qualities, including:


Non-slip and non-wear surface

Resistance to chemicals, oils, and acids

High-temperature resistance

Ability to withstand heavy loads and intensive use

Strength surpassing concrete flooring

Bacteria-resistant due to density and cleanliness

Easy to clean and low maintenance

Natural color that doesn’t change

Environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

What makes Acid Proof Tile suitable for the food industry?

Acid Proof Tile is preferred in the food industry due to its resistance to chemicals and acids, making it ideal for environments where strict health and hygiene standards must be maintained. It provides a hygienic and long-lasting flooring solution.

What sets Acid Proof Tiles apart from Standard Ceramic Tiles?

Acid proof tiles are distinguished by their non-slip and wear-resistant surface, making them ideal for high-traffic environments. They are known for their durability, resistance to high temperatures, immunity to chemicals, oils, and acids, as well as their ease of cleaning. Furthermore, they maintain their original color over time and are environmentally friendly.

The Vibratory Application Technique is recommended for acid proof tiles. It involves cleaning the existing concrete floor, applying mortar, and then laying acid-resistant tiles with a strong adhesive. The vibratory compression technique ensures a flat, even surface with no gaps.

Questions about Acid Proof Tiles? Here are some answers…

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Acid Proof Tiles: Pioneering Hygienic and Durable Flooring Solutions for Industries

Acid Proof Tiles are an essential component for modern industrial facilities, offering unparalleled durability and hygiene. Engineered for environments where stringent health and safety standards are a priority, these tiles are especially crucial in sectors like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. The unique anti-acid property of these tiles makes them resistant to harsh chemicals, ensuring that the flooring remains intact and hygienic over extended periods. This high resistance also extends to mechanical and thermal stresses, making Acid Proof Tiles an ideal choice for areas with heavy machinery and fluctuating temperatures.

In addition to their robustness, Acid Proof Tiles are designed for safety and ease of maintenance. Their non-slip surface significantly reduces the risk of accidents in wet or oily conditions, a common concern in industrial settings. The tiles’ dense composition prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dirt, facilitating a cleaner and more sanitary workspace. Environmentally friendly and produced using natural materials, these tiles do not fade or deteriorate easily, guaranteeing a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing floor solution. With their combination of durability, safety, and low maintenance, Acid Proof Tiles are an optimal flooring choice for industries committed to maintaining the highest standards of workplace safety and hygiene.

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