Ağaoğlu Gıda

Ağaoğlu Gıda | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Balıkesir

Ağaoğlu Gıda started its commercial activities in 1992 as a retail point of sale. Ağaoğlu Gıda, continuing its journey as a healthy, hygienic, and reliable brand in the entire supply chain from production to consumption, has taken its place among the sector leaders today. Serving in the field of chicken, egg, and delicatessen, the brand continues its activities in its production facilities.

Adventure from Marmara to the Middle East and Asia

Ağaoğlu Gıda has become one of the leading companies in the South Marmara region sector, thanks to its stability and success-oriented marketing policies since the day it started its operations. Today, it is an industry giant that carries out export activities to many countries in the Middle East and Asia and improves its service network day by day.

Sustainable, Nature and Environment-Friendly Production Policy

Ağaoğlu Gıda develops sustainable policies in all working processes from production to distribution. The company, which attaches importance to the environment and nature in all its works, adopts an environment and nature-friendly production policy. Also, it realizes new projects by working with many leading business partners in the sector where it can develop its sustainable production policy.
Ağaoğlu Gıda, which adopts the principle of acting by national and international standards, carries out activities following its consumer mass culture and beliefs. Focusing on improving the working system concentrates on R & D studies and provides a flavor to its consumers.
To contribute to my natural life’s sustainability, it uses the chicken manure from the production centers in biogas facilities. Ağaoğlu Gıda develops and invests in many such sustainable production projects.

Wide Service Network and Quality Oriented Growth

Today Ağaoğlu Gıda provides uninterrupted service to 700 different points both locally and nationally, with 260 BİM branches located only in Bursa. It also has an advanced service network with a professional team of 60 people and a cooler vehicle fleet in South Marmara.
Ağaoğlu Gıda, based on its quality-oriented growth mission, focuses on growing reliable and hygienic production activities with its fully equipped chicken meat slaughterhouse. Also, it produces its own feed in the feed factory with a capacity of 20 tons per hour. Thus, it maximizes chicken and egg productivity with foods that are naturally certified.
The enterprise has an annual production capacity of 100 million eggs from its modern production facilities. Ağaoğlu Gıda currently realizes 50% of its egg production to the Middle East and Asian countries.