Akar Kalıp

Vibroser References Akar Kalıp

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Akar Kalıp is a company that manufactures molds and products on mold production, textile accessories, electrical – electronic equipment, kitchenware since 1966. Akar Kalıp, which has been making uninterrupted production for 24 years, is among the respected companies in its field today. Mites Mold is growing day by day at one point, as Turkey sells wholesale products to various places. In the past, it started to sell products abroad. Akar Kalıp, which does not take a step back from its goals and ideals, continues to grow rapidly.

Production Technology

All vehicles, mechanisms, and machines under the roof of Akar Kalıp are complete, fully equipped, and flawless. Akar Kalıp, which attaches great importance to production technology, benefits from technology’s unique blessings in all its operations. It has a wide range of technological tools such as CNC TELEREZOYON Machines, CNC Drilling Machines, UNIVERSAL End Mills, Die Cutters, Grinding, Radial Drill, and Lathe Machines. Also, press machines that can vary from a minimum of 5 tons to 100 tons are in the machine park.

Price Policy

Akar Kalıp aims to ensure that all products it produces are accessible. Therefore, it has created the most affordable wage policy in sector prices. It updates its quality and affordable fee service day by day. Likewise, it delivers products to various places in Turkey; it is strengthening through various campaigns. The company follows the same pricing policy in its sales abroad.


Akar Kalıp is a company with various certificates in terms of quality. The company, which succeeded in registering its success in official ways, continues to show its development day by day. Akar Kalıp, which is deeply sensitive at the point of quality, tries to perform the necessary operations with care in all its products. The company, which has teams of expert personnel in the field, allows the necessary professionals to perform their transactions. In addition to aiming to fulfill the necessary procedures completely at the point of quality, it also undertakes the points that will protect its brand.


Akar Kalıp; It aims to appreciate its quality, success in the competition, user satisfaction, and price advantages. It tries to increase the quality of every project and every organization and take it further. Showing their customers, their pleasant and sincere approach intends to strengthen cooperation and protect its image.