Bolca Hindi

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Bolu

Bolca Hindi was founded in 1995 by Şerafettin Erbayram. Bolca Hindi feature is the first brand that performs the Californian breed turkey production in Turkey. In its first establishment, the incubation and coops of Ankara University Veterinary Faculty were used for rent. In 1999, it continued its activities with a facility with an annual capacity of 1.800.000 chicks in Bolu. Erpiliç bought Bolca Hindi in 2017 within the scope of ‘domestic capital domestic growth.’ Erpiliç meets 13% of chicken meat production in the domestic market with its logistic infrastructure, strong dealer structure, and production capability.

Where is the Production Facility?

The production facilities of the brand are in Bolu’s Mudurnu district.

Production at High Standards

Imports hatching turkey eggs from America and Canada. Eggs are collected from the flocks with a Health Certificate and Certificate of Origin, within maximum hygiene rules. Turkey chickens are obtained from the eggs brought to the incubation center in Bolu at the end of the 28-day incubation period.
Agricultural engineers and specialist veterinarians control production in incubation centers. First quality chicks are produced in facilities where high standards of hygiene processes are applied.

Chicks with gender discrimination, beak trimming, and vaccinations are shipped to the coops.
Bringing the criteria of “Dry Way,” “Halal Food,” and “Cutting by Hand” to the turkey meat market, Erpiliç has a say in the market.
With its low saturated fat rate and rich protein structure, turkey, which is seen as an alternative to red meat, is among the tastes that consumers love and trust.
The company manufactures with high hygiene standards in its modern slaughterhouse with the latest technological machines.
Bolca Hindi has preferred Vibroser products and services to provide structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.