Carrefour Market

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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Carrefour Market, one of the world’s leading retail chain stores, was established in France in 1963. The company opened its first market in our country in 1993. Carrefour was the first brand that applied the hypermarket concept in Turkey.

In 1996, one of Turkey’s largest company Sabanci Holding has agreed to a partnership with Carrefour. The brand was renamed CarrefourSA. After that, the first market was opened in Adana. After this initiative, the company bought Continent markets in 1999, Gima and Endi markets in 2005, and made the market chain widespread. In 2013, the management of the company was completely transferred to Sabancı Holding. CarrefourSA, which has been serving with the slogan “What Is Needed” since 2014, has added 55 markets of İsmar and 1e1 brands in 2015. Later, the company, which acquired 85% of Kiler Alışveriş Hizmetleri Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. The company currently has 12.225 branches in 30 countries. Employing 321 thousand people, the company has become one of the retail stores with high brand awareness worldwide.

One Step Forward With Each Last Year

CarrefourSA, which has carried out many innovative projects, made a major investment in 2017 with “Local Seed, Fresh Crop” and “Aquaculture Platform.” The company presented its restaurant between Taste to the experience of its customers 3 years ago. The company, whose projects and investments are not limited to these, implemented the “Domestic Fattening Project” in 2018 by supporting domestic producers. In 2019, it accelerated its e-commerce activities by keeping up with the age’s needs and made great strides in this field. CarrefourSA currently employs 10,500 employees in our country. Also, there are 643 stores in Hyper, Super, Gourmet, and Mini formats in 52 provinces. The company, which revitalizes its online market with its 9 stores, provides quality and reliable service to 500 thousand people every day.

When it comes to Social Responsibility CarrefourSA

Sabancı Holding is among the sensitive companies that have signed the most social responsibility projects in our country. With this feature, CarrefourSA is also frequently mentioned in nature and social awareness projects. The company supports the “Zero Waste Project.” CarrefourSA, which has an awareness of sustainable environmental awareness, sorts its wastes and sends them to recycling. Supporting the “Arı Varsa Hayat Var” project, the company also provides support and training services to beekeeping and honey producers. Within this project’s scope, he provided theoretical and practical training to a total of 200 beekeepers, 40 of whom were women, in Adana, Ardahan, and Kars. The company has always been sensitive about the participation of women in business life. Not satisfied with these, the company produced the world’s first recycled shampoo bottle in partnership with P&G and presented it to its customers.

The company, which is sensitive to nature and the environment and social problems, has supported UNICEF’s “From Field to School” project. With an understanding that encourages students to produce, a project called “Let the Children Design” was made for Darüşşafaka and put the designed bags for sale in its markets. CarrefourSA, which has been working in cooperation with the Basic Needs Association (TIDER) for 7 years, has supplied 500 tons of products to reach those in need. The company has also been working within the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) for two years.

Not forgetting stray animals and these campaigns, the company started the “Friendship Movement” with the Confederation of the Rights of Animals (HAYKONFED). Consumable materials from thousands of stores are shared with homeless animals. In this way, the company both prevented the destruction of food and made a great contribution to our animal friends’ nutrition.