Damat Tween

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Orka Group of Companies signed the men’s ready-to-wear sector in Osmanbey in 1986 with the Damat brand, was established with 100% Turkish capital. Both designs and the quality of Damat Tween are taking place with an article titled “in Turkey, a Star” at world-famous Uomo Collezioni magazine.

Today, it continues to be the leading company in the sector with three valuable brands that it has added to men’s fashion. It has also implemented the understanding of offering products suitable for consumers at every economic level with the D’S brand. 220 Today in Turkey, with 160 stores globally, it continues to lead the men’s fashion industry. Damat Tween, also the National Football Teams’ official fashion sponsor, continues to sponsor football teams abroad.
Developing itself in e-commerce, the brand obtains approximately 7% of its total turnover from website sales.

Who is the Owner of Damat Tween?

Süleyman Orakçıoğlu is the Chairman of the Board of Orka Group, who entered the ready-to-wear industry with the Damat brand. In 2002 was awarded as Turkey’s most enterprising businessman. Süleyman Orakçıoğlu; By creating Damat, Damat Tween, and D’S Damat brands, it has succeeded in placing it at the center of men’s fashion. He is a visionary businessman who paved the way for being a global holding thanks to his foreign capital partner, which he acquired as a company partner in 2012.

Social responsibility projects

Damat Tween contributed to equal opportunity in education with the campaign he made for Daruşşafaka Society. Thanks to its collaboration with the Koruncuk Foundation, it sponsored the campaign on the importance of women’s participation in the business world.

Production Facilities

There is a wide range of products from washable wool suits to shirts and trousers made of nanotechnological fabric that absorbs odor. Considering the elegance of male customers with large sizes, the company has developed the product range in this direction.
Products manufactured at the factory are delivered to consumers via stores in Turkey and all over the world. It employs 800 people in the production department, 700 abroad and 1500 people in stores in the country, and nearly 3000 employees. The company, which attaches great importance to R & D studies, is constantly developing and changing its policy.
In its modern facilities equipped with the latest technology, high hygiene standards are applied for its customers’ and employees’ health.

Damat has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.