Dizayn Etiket

Dizayn Etiket | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Dizayn Etiket started its activities in 1992 with the production of woven labels and badges. With the investments it has made over time, its facilities in Istanbul have reached a closed area of 10,000 m2. Today it has become a large company with facilities and customers in many countries around the world. Using the machines in its facilities to produce labels and produce various promotional products has become an important brand of the market in this sector. The reason why it is preferred especially by European countries is the products produced by European standards. Continuing the controls from production to distribution and marketing at every stage, the company has always prioritized quality with its policy.

Dizayn Etiket Quality Understanding

The brand pays utmost attention to prioritize customer satisfaction by producing by the legislation that determines the quality of the product by its understanding of quality. To make them feel the value of its employees’ contribution, it organizes training and motivational meetings.
It is sincere in providing functionality to control mechanisms that will ensure the sustainability of quality management processes by following the technological sector’s developments in the sectors with a visionary understanding to include the ones that can be applied in line with its own possibilities. It has adopted the environmental policies determined by the state. Acting by this legislation, it organizes its works to leave a livable environment for future generations.

Working places

Apart from knitting and printing labels, it offers all services under the name of FullPaket in the label sector. It also includes personalized promotional products and fan products in its product portfolio.
Designer Label has established a partnership with the world’s leading brands and retailers in Turkey. It has successfully passed the strict audits carried out by retail brands in Europe and America and has become an approved label manufacturer.

Customer Friendly Applications

Dizayn Etiket has developed a special precaution package to prevent branded products from being used in counterfeit products and offers them this option. Also, it always renews and develops the collection it has created to provide resources for design.
Knowing the importance of ecological products in environmental health and protection offers various products to its customers regarding its customers and employees’ health with its high hygiene processes.

Dizayn Etiket preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.