Dönerci Ali Usta

Dönerci Ali Usta | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İstanbul

Dönerci Ali Usta is the first brand to own a döner chain in the world. In various cities in Turkey and various countries, it serves dozens of branches. Combining unmatched attention to döner with great effort, the brand continues on its way by strengthening itself every day. Branding has been adopted to avoid the success and imitations of the work done. It became a brand quickly and started to serve with branches in various regions of our country. Dönerci Ali Usta, who took over the title of being a brand in 2004, started to activate its branches in Europe at the same time. Dönerci Ali Usta is seen as one of Turkey’s leading companies as a corporate restaurant.



Dönerci Ali Usta started to serve only with döner at the entrance to the food industry. However, it expanded its menu in the following years. Although it added various FAST FOOD products to its menu, it did not give up our country’s unique cuisine. It also introduces the taste of Anatolia to Europe and the whole world with its various sweet products. Today, the products that are frequently consumed under the umbrella of Dönerci Ali Usta; Döner, Iskender, Soup, Seasonal Salad, and Kunefe. Every day, the menu continues to strengthen with delicacies unique to Turkey.


Today, dozens of branches continue to serve under the roof of Dönerci Ali Usta. The last link of the chain, which is growing day by day, took place in the Istanbul region. With the title of the world’s first döner chain, Dönerci Ali Usta offers guests full services in many branches. The brand reveals an unchanging taste in every branch. It has received the appreciation of every guest with its working discipline, product taste, and hospitality.


Dönerci Ali Usta has specially preserved its vision since the years it started. It aims to protect and spread its taste to provide food service within the hygiene rules framework. It is also one of the rare companies that have fulfilled its vision properly in all processes from the first döner to the present day. With branch offices in Europe and Turkey is the target to introduce our country cuisine and unique flavors.


Dönerci Ali Usta has been awarded various certificates for formalizing its services and providing a complete service experience to its guests. The company has crowned its services by obtaining certificates based on our country and world standards. There are a high number of certificates, such as 6 certificates under the brand roof.