Erel Otomotiv

Erel Otomotiv | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Erel Otomotiv entered the automotive sector in 1997 as the Volkswagen Authorized Dealer. It took Audi in 2005 and the title of an authorized dealer of the Skoda brand in 2016. In this way, it strengthened its share in this market where diversity in sales is important. Managed by Melih Kökçü, one of the important names in the sector as a sales manager, there is a dynamic and idealist team, each of whom is an expert in their business.

Erel Otomotiv Service Policy

Bringing solutions to all the requests and requirements of its customers in the automotive industry has been taken at the center as the cornerstone of the service policy. It provides after-sales services, accessory sales, spare parts, insurance and loan financing opportunities, as well as new vehicle sales in Audi, Volkswagen passenger type, Skoda, Volkswagen trademarks.
Knowing the importance of customer satisfaction to be first-class in service quality, the company provides its customer’s service by this understanding. Thanks to its expert staff with more than 100 experienced members, it serves at two different addresses as Bostancı and Maltepe. The total closed area capacity of its services is 20.000 m2, and hygiene rules are always applied.

High-quality products are used before delivery to disinfect the vehicles coming to the service and healthily deliver them. Disinfection applications are also made for vehicles returning from vehicle test drives.
Customer satisfaction is one of the most important continuity tools in the automotive industry,y as in every sector. If the customer is satisfied with the product and the brand, they voluntarily act as the most loyal advertising agency. In this context, if the customer is satisfied with the service he comes from, he will surely convey this satisfaction to his surroundings.

The Importance Gives To Its Employees

Erel Otomotiv, which also sells second-hand vehicles, also attaches importance to the health of its employees. Company officials, who are sensitive about applying international hygiene processes in every unit of the company, ensure that their employees use hygiene and protective products with superior features. Thus, they have agreements to continuously purchase products from brands that sell hygiene and protection products.

Erel Otomotiv has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.