Fat Balıkçılık

Fat Balıkçılık | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Giresun

Our country and the Black Sea, which have all the necessary maritime trade conditions, needed brands that would lead the sector to develop maritime trade. To improve maritime trade, recommendations are made to relevant public authorities by making detailed examinations.

Fat Balıkçılık was established in 2012 in Giresun’s Bulancak district on a 2200 square meter closed area. It has created cold storage and fish processing facility. The brand, which has a daily capacity of 50 tons of fish, has ish storage capacity. The capacity facility also provides production in HACCP norms. It serves with the slogan “Natural taste from the sea.”

Fish and aquaculture, the most important food chainring of the world, continues as an activity that Fat Balıkçılık has been conducting for three generations. The company has 3 fishing vessels and 1 fish shipping vessel. The fish caught by these ships are brought to the facility in a hygienic environment and fully sterilized by refrigerated vehicles. Increasing its capacity day by day, the brand has become a highly experienced company in product variety and production.

What Kind of Products Does It Sell??

Fat Balıkçılık carries out the stocking and sales of fish species such as anchovy, horse mackerel, bonito, and bluefish. It has both domestic and international activities.
Hygiene rules are meticulously applied at every stage of the facility. T provide production successfully determined norms provide production. Pathogen search, analysis, and microorganism analysis are also performed in the laboratories of public institutions. Also, histamine tests are regularly carried out by this company. With the equipment and machines used in its facilities, production is made with high hygiene standards.

Fat Balıkçılık preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.