Garanti İplik Tekstil

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Çorlu

Garanti İplik Tekstil, which has not slowed down its growth since its establishment in 1995, is today the business partner of brands that export to 24 different countries worldwide. Increasing the excitement in production in the past years offers both aesthetics and comfort to its employees and customers in a closed area of 40 thousand square meters on 50 decares of land. It holds the title of being the largest yarn factory in the Mediterranean Basin with a production volume of 4000 lots, which is well above the annual production average in yarn factories. In addition to the cotton used in production and obtained from the Aegean Region’s fertile plains, Egyptian cotton is also used in thinner production.

Who is Garanti İplik Tekstil Owner?

Garanti İplik Tekstil Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ersin Koç, is a visionary business person focused on growth targets. The brand exports 40% of the yarn produced and supplies 60% to the domestic market. It produces organic certified production with 100% cotton yarn.
Acting with the awareness that quality is never a coincidence, Ersin Koç attaches importance to training to increase its employees’ quality, knowing that the only way to produce quality products is through qualified people. In this context, it pays particular attention to the ratio of investment made to personnel to overall investments.

Quality and Hygiene Policy

Garanti İplik Tekstil reflects the quality products’ production life philosophy by combining raw materials with the highest technology available. It is a production center together with the most comprehensive R&D center in a single enterprise in Europe with its color chart that has more than 1300 products.

The brand is based on European Standards for the products used in production facilities and products to ensure sterilization. It buys the products it supplies for use in this field only from companies that can provide products that comply with these norms. It also shows special sensitivity for the hygiene products it uses to be high-quality products that do not harm human health.

Environmental Policy

In addition to being environmentally friendly, it shows the importance it attaches to green energy in production. It meets 33% of its total energy with the accompaniment of Wind Yarn technology products. In this way, it uses more environmentally friendly energy than brands that make products like itself. In this context, as Garanti İplik Tekstil, in its mission to leave a more livable world to future generations, it does its part more than ever.

Garanti İplik Tekstil has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.