Huangshi Dairy

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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: China

Huangshi Dairy is a Chinese based milk producing company. It is headquartered in Shenzhen Shi. Milk collected through contracted collaborators and private farms is processed in dairies and turned into long-life milk and dairy products. Cooperation with farmers supports regional development. Consumers can access products belonging to Huangshi Dairy company through dairy stores and food stores.

From Farms to Consumer’s Table

Huangshi Dairy ensures that the milk collected through farmers reaches the consumer’s table most freshly by preserving the flavor. Collaborating production and sales networks are subjected to quality control by applying food safety standards. Consumer satisfaction is ensured by adopting a model based on quality safety.
Dairy farms contribute by supporting milk production in the region. Farmers ensure that their fresh milk, which meets the quality standards, is delivered to Huangshi Dairy dairies to be processed and ready for sale. Increasing the production capacity affects economic development as it directly affects milk production in the region.
Huangshi Dairy works in harmony with all suppliers and collaborators thanks to the system network created. Animal breeding training centers, breeding farms, feed farms, energy facilities, and structures to control environmental waste seem to be a whole structure.

Customer Satisfaction Matters

Huangshi Dairy produces healthy and delicious milk to support its sales policy based on consumer satisfaction. It aims to use and manage resources most efficiently to preserve the milk’s naturalness, reflecting the flavors obtained from traditional methods in the region.
We act with the vision of being the most preferred brand in the dairy industry. The cold chain is preferred to present the taste of milk to consumers safely and healthily.

A Company That Takes Care Of Nature To Preserve The Naturalness Of Milk

Huangshi Dairy adopts sustainability to ensure the continuity of milk obtained from the region’s farms. The sustainability principle covers water, electricity, and packaging equipment used in the production facility. Savings per production unit is a big step for nature and the environment.
The development of production technologies is closely monitored and integrated into the system simultaneously. Using technological machinery and equipment reduces environmental waste. Plans are made to minimize the level of waste.