HUQQA Restaurant

HuQQa Restaurant | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

HUQQA Restoran is a business that offers the tastes of world cuisine to its guests. The company offers its guests a feast of taste with the menu prepared by synthesizing the Eastern and Western cuisines.


“Delights of Time”

Standing out with its understanding of modernity in design, HUQQA Restoran does not give up its understanding of quality service. The firm, which prefers geometric patterns and pastel color tones, has the signature of Architect Mahmut Anlar in its designs. The company’s priority, which always understands its guests’ expectations and demands, is customer satisfaction. Having a concept to make its customers feel special and comfortable at all hours of the day, HUQQA offers home comfort to its guests who prefer it with its VIP rooms. Groups such as guests who want to do group activities and couples who want to celebrate their special days are hosted in these rooms.

HUQQA Restoran has four branches in Istanbul, Kuruçeşme, Emirgan, Emaar Square, and Yenibosna. The restaurant, which has a branch in Muğla Bodrum, is one step ahead of its competitors, with branches in different parts of the world. With branches in Dubai, Qatar, and Muscat, HUQQA brings Turkish flavors to the world.

Taste of the Whole World at HUQQA Restoran

HUQQA’s menu is also quite extensive. No matter what time of the day you go to the restaurant, which serves its guests with the slogan “Delights of Time,” it is certain that you will find a taste that suits your taste. All the flavors in the HUQQA menu; It has been collected under the headings of breakfast, diet & gluten-free, chicken, meat, pizza, pasta, fish, sandwich & wrap, burger, Anatolian flavors, salads, dessert, non-alcoholic cocktails, cold drinks, hot drinks, and hookah. The most important feature that distinguishes HUQQA from other competitors in this menu. In this way, you can eat pizza in Italy or taste your wrap in Mexico. You can end your meal with a nice kebab from the country’s land while tasting the delicious hamburgers of America.

Also, the company pays great attention to the freshness of its products and human health. It is carefully controlled by company officials in all inspection processes, production, storage, shipment, and sales starting from the procurement process. The company produces the following international health standards for the protection of consumer health.