İstanbul Et

İstanbul Et | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İstanbul

Istanbul Et is a meat integrated facility and animal farm established in Kırşehir province. It has a total of 40 acres of facilities, 7 acres of which are closed.

İstanbul Et Establishment

The foundation of the brand is based on 1987. The first professional breakthrough is 1993 as the establishment of meat integrated plants. The headquarters of the company is in Bayrampasa, Istanbul.

What Does İstanbul Et Produce?

The brand’s Facilities can slaughter 60 thousand small heads and 15 thousand cattle per year. However, 5,000 cattle, 10,000 small head feed, and 15,000 tons of feed are produced in 5 years in the facilities where 83 personnel are employed.

Quality and Hygiene Policy

The cuttings in the facilities are made according to AET standards and Islamic bases. According to the latest production technologies, offal processing, bone separation, shredding, meat product production, and packaging operations are carried out.

Vibroser products and services are preferred in providing structural hygienic conditions in Istanbul Et facilities without compromising quality and hygiene rules from feeding animals to being ready for consumption.