Karadeniz Su Ürünleri

Karadeniz Su Ürünleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Ankara

It was founded in 1970 in Eminönü, Istanbul, by Fevzi Karaaslan. Fevzi Karaaslan moved its activities to Ankara in 1976. After the death of Fevzi Karaaslan in 1990, it did not operate for 8 years. In 1998, it started to be managed by the second generation managers Sezgin, Hasan, Tuncay Karaaslan, with its renewed structure without departing from its traditional roots. In 2002, it became one of Turkey’s leading brands.

What Does It Produce?

It produces and sells Karadeniz Su Ürünleri, Sea and Fresh Fisheries, Frozen Products, Smoked Products, Marinated Products, Caviar Group, Shellfish, and Molluscs. The awareness that seafood is one of the most important factors in raising healthy generations continues its activities with a human-oriented service approach that follows innovations.

Where is it?

Karadeniz Su Ürünleri in Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey THS Fisheries continues to work as business partners in general.

Quality policy

It has become the most preferred brand in its sector thanks to its healthy and high-quality product variety and customer-oriented service approach. With its experience of more than 40 years, it is open to all kinds of changes and has made it a mission to follow technological developments closely.
Continuously expanding its supplier and customer network, Karadeniz Su Ürünleri strives to deliver healthy seafood to more people.

It applies high hygiene processes to make seafood products ready for consumption, starting from raw material procurement. The compliance of the water, machinery, and equipment used in the facilities with the technical and hygiene rules, the working personnel’s health conditions, and the conformity of the manufactured products to human health are periodically controlled.

Vibroser has preferred its products and services in providing structural hygienic conditions in Karadeniz Su Ürünleri facilities.