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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Karbosan started its activities in 1967 in an area of 9000 m2 in Istanbul. It is Turkey’s first manufacturer of abrasive products. The production, which started with 40 employees, continues today with 550 employees and a facility of 125,000 m2.

Where is Karbosan?

Its facilities are in Istanbul Çerkezköy. It exports high quality, high performance, and reliable products produced in its facilities to 75 countries in 6 continents. It makes a great contribution to the country’s economy with its exports. Its modern facilities in Çerkezköy are among the first modern factories in the world to produce coated abrasives.

Karbosan Test and Training Tool

Safe use of abrasive products and 5 years on the correct product selection training is given by Turkey’s Karbosan Test and Training Tool in every region. Experienced engineers provide information to users and dealers in the regions.

Leading Organization in the Abrasive Products Industry

Thanks to its continuous investments in R & D and Innovation, it has grown rapidly and has a wide range of products for perfect surfaces. It produces products that will continuously meet the demands of its customers and their possible needs.
With over 50 years of experience in the sector; In addition to being the first company to carry out production activities by the ISO Quality Management System, it is the first Turkish company to be a member of the European Abrasive Manufacturers Federation (FEPA) and the Abrasive Safety Organization (OSA) with its quality products.
The quality of its products;

  • TS EN 12413 for grinding stones,
  • It has TS EN 13743 certificates for coated abrasives.

With an integrated structure, Karbosan, product, and service quality see quality control processes as a whole. It follows an effective quality control policy in all processes from raw material supply to after-sales stages. By constantly following technological developments, it applies a development and support process to protect product safety, employee and customer health. To protect the employees’ health and the customers’ health, a hygiene policy by the standards is applied. It is shown as an exemplary organization with the continuous training given to employees on occupational safety and the facilities’ measures.

It is sensitive to complying with legal obligations by making investments to reduce waste and harm health with environmental awareness.

Karbosan has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.