Öğütler Süt

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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Çankırı

Öğütler was founded in 1964 by Hakkı and Ömer Öğüt. Established as a small neighborhood grocer, the business has gained its consumers’ trust with its father and son’s disciplined work and quality service understanding. In 1968 and 1970, it opened 2 more branches and became a supermarket chain. Abbas-Sadık and Hamza ÖĞÜT, the second generation managers of the brand, fulfilled the responsibilities of the duties they took over and took the lead. The name of the brand is Öğütler Gıda San. Paz. Tic. Ltd. Şti has been changed.

Öğütler Market

Öğütler Süpermarket; It is the first supermarket in Ankara with its first branch opened in Ankara Eryaman in 1991. Today, it has become a brand that provides quality and reliable service in food retailing with 13 branches in Ankara.
Öğütler Süpermarket was established in 1999 in Ankara to offer quality service at more affordable prices to Burç Gıda Üretim Paz. A.Ş., it became the dealership of the Şeker Süt brand. Burç Gıda continues to produce pastry, sweets, and other bakery products with high quality.

Öğütler Çiftliği

In 2009, it made a construction investment in the Orta district of Çankırı province with a capacity of 1000 cattle and completed the facility in 2010. It started its activities as Öğütler Çiftliği with 300 pregnant heifers imported from the US state of Detroit. Natural milk without additives is processed in facilities with a milk processing capacity of 25 tons. Milk processed in its farm is offered for sale under the brand of Öğütler Süt. Also, it produces its own Tulum cheese by producing 3,000 sheep and sheep’s milk. Sheep cheese produced with its unique taste is offered for sale after the 6-month fermentation process is completed.

Milk, dairy products, meat and meat products produced at the Öğütler farm are offered for sale in the Öğütler SÜpermarket chain. The fact that it produces without using additives and preservatives in its products reveals its quality and naturalness. High standards of hygiene policy are applied in all processes, from milk to processing and packaging, in modern facilities with state-of-the-art technology. The veterinarians regularly check all animals bred in the facility in the facility.

Öğütler Süt preferred Vibroser products and services to provide structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.