Özmer Pastacılık

Vibroser References Ozmer Pastacilik

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Kocaeli

Özmer Pastacılık was founded in 1988 under the name of Fümer. Since then, the company, which has been leading the pastry sector, has always been the pioneer of breakthroughs and innovations. It currently exports to more than 80 countries. The company reaches consumers with five different brands: CORE, FO, LIMPO, REPO, and FUMER. The company, which has more than 1300 product types, has a share between 5% and 80% in the sector. Working with more than 400 wholesalers, the company delivers its products to consumers without compromising their quality.

Pastry Chef of Firsts

Özmer Pastacılık always works with professionals who are experts in their fields. The company, which has three laboratories where they carry out R&D studies using the latest technology, has achieved many firsts in the sector.
Some of these are as follows:
Fo Decorative Cold Simple Gel produced in 2000
Fo herbal Decorative Flavored Gel produced in 2001
Fo Ready Chocolate Profiterole Sauce in 2002
The company, which made Fo Ready Chocolate Eclair Sauces and many innovations worldwide in 2004, has been the pioneer of many innovations.

For example, Fo Liquid Decoration Candies, which started to be produced in 2008, is a first in our country. The company, which maintains its leading position in the market with many products such as Fo Play Dough, Fo Powdered Decor Sugar, Fo Hot Powder Drinks, is always the architect of firsts between 1988-2013.
The company organizes seminars and promotes its products both in our country and in many different world countries. In this way, the company, which conveys its experience gained from the sector, continues to be open to development and improvement by providing information about its products and labor, cost savings, and new products.

To the Future with Healthy Products

Özmer Pastacılık works to deliver affordable products to the consumer without compromising its quality.
Also, among the company’s goals, which has turned its face to the world to contribute to the national economy, are to develop itself more in exports and become a world brand with the FO brand.
Özmer Pastacılık produces all of its products with ISO-9001, ISO-22000 certificates. BVI from Britain and Germany, while the Netherlands accreditation field TSE Four further provided, dank the HACCP certificate in Turkey in national and international standards 2 food company has earned the right to be. All products of the company have industrial design certificates obtained from the Turkish Patent Institute.
At the same time, it delivers it to its consumers with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ permission.