Özsüt | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Bursa

Özsüt was founded in 1938 by Sefer Usta. From a small store of 16 square meters in İzmir Kemeraltı, today it has a production facility of 10 thousand square meters in İzmir Kemalpaşa with cold storage of 1500 square meters. While it had a limited variety of products in the first years of its establishment, it appeals to its customers with a menu containing special flavors that change twice a year.

Who is the Owner?

Sefer Usta’s son, İbrahim Urlulu, took over the flag from his father and included the masters working in Özsüt Muhallebicisi to the company. Later, it started to give dealerships with the franchising system. In this way, it has reached 150 branches in 45 cities in Turkey and 4 branches abroad. To meet the increasing costs and growth capacity over time, an overseas capital partner joined the company. In 2019, all shares in this partner were returned to the family, and Özsüt started to move towards a brand new process.

Production from a Single Center

It has a large production capacity that delivers products to its dealers from a single center. The Özsüt menu, enriched with the special flavors of the world-famous Chef Karim Bourgi, now includes special products from world cuisines.
The brand, which produces ice cream, pastry, milk desserts, bakery products, sauces, bread, fruit juice, and jams produced with freshly picked fruits and daily milk in the season, has international food certificates safety. It also shows its sensitivity in ensuring food safety in the field of occupational safety and environmental protection.

Özsüt Education and Applications

The brand, which ensures that its employees receive training on occupational safety and the environment periodically, is a follower of its employees’ environmental awareness in every field after this training. Simultaneously, it always follows the sector’s technological developments and integrates them into the production and distribution stages.
The Environmental Management System, the Food Safety Management System, which it has established institutionally, is committed to developing its Halal Food policies. The awareness they have created about the reduction and recycling of waste is one indicator that it is not a coincidence that it is a pioneer in this field in the sector.

What Does It Produce?

Özsüt, in the latest technology hygiene facilities; produces 60 thousand tons of cake, 20 thousand tons of sherbet, 7 tons of bakery products, 150 thousand portions of milk desserts, and 10 tons of ice cream daily, each of the same quality. The products on the menu do not contain any preservatives. It shares the justified pride of being the only brand produced by a single-center across the country. It carries out the distribution of pastry and dessert by traveling 350 thousand km per month with more than 3 thousand employees.

Özsüt has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.