Rimtex Tekstil

Sector : Shopping Mall and General References Region : İstanbul

Rimtex Tekstil was founded in 1976 in Topkapi, Istanbul. It continues its activities as the main supplier of medical textile products manufacturers, the automotive industry, interior, and outerwear manufacturers. The solution partner produces each customer's production as a tailor and supplies the raw materials needed by garments.

In the first years of its activities, the brand, which manufactures garment tires and strips, has become a Turkey leader by improving its capacity over time, especially by taking care of lingerie tires and laces. In its field, it is among the top 3 brands in Europe. R&D studies carried out within the scope; It develops more than 1,000 new product varieties to exhibit at fairs every year. It is the most important partner of many world-famous brands. Rimteks also contributes greatly to the country’s economy by exporting 75% of its production directly.

Where is Rimtex?

Its factory is located in Avcılar district of Istanbul Province.

Who owns Rimtex Tekstil?

Rimtex Tekstil is Chairman Metin Pardo.

Quality Policy

With the understanding of “Doing it right the first time and every time,” it serves in the field of selling knitting, weaving, lace tires, and strips used as accessories in men’s and women’s underwear and outerwear.
It produces legislation, administrative regulations, legal responsibility, and standards related to quality. It provides regular training to employees to raise awareness about hygiene and environmental protection.
Production efficiency and quality continuity studies offer the most suitable material to its customers at high-quality, affordable costs.

Rimtex Tekstil has preferred Vibroser products and services in ensuring structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.