Sagun Balıkçılık

Sagun Balıkçılık | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Tekirdağ

Sagun Balıkçılık started its activities in Turkey with the tuna farm established in Antalya. It has been one of the important fish farms in the Mediterranean since it started production on the tuna farm. 8 companies were established under the Sagun Group to get large shares from domestic and foreign fish markets

The bridge between Turkey and the World Fisheries

TSM Seafood Company continues its activities at the tuna farm in Antalya. To reach other seafood products, the firm founded Turkey Marines Food Products Company. Wholesale and retail seafood market in Turkey many chain restaurants that perform sales the products are available through the Sagun Balıkçılık. Merlion Seafood Company, which was established under the roof of Sagun Balıkçılık in 2009, is a big step for Turkish consumers to reach seafood in all seasons. Sea products that are grown or caught worldwide are offered to Turkish consumers with the imports of Sagun.

Fishing Investments in Turkey

Sagun Balıkçılık also makes investments for the development of import and export activities continued fishing activities in Turkey. The production facilities opened in Sinop in 2006 and Tekirdağ in 2008 are listed as the company’s first domestic investments. Turkish consumers reach for their fish and seafood in all seasons of Istanbul / Sancaktepe. The drop in the fish store has made a name as Turkey’s first private fish market. Sagun, increasing its activities to increase production, continues by fish and seafood in Turkey. Bream, Sea Bass, and Trout, especially many kinds of seafood grown in a high-quality way to establish farms in national and international markets.

R&D and Innovation

Group Sagun produces sustainable aquaculture products with its priority for nature. Within the company, there are engineers and fisheries technology engineers of 150 people who have completed their education in universities’ fisheries faculties. In fish processing, freezing, and packaging processes, a production model equipped with the latest technology and suitable for high hygiene processes is followed.

In their own laboratories, necessary studies are carried out to ensure high production standards by making microbiological plantings for farms and factories and protecting fish health. Sagun, Turkey’s protein needs of the world population, mainly in fish and seafood eco-friendly and sustainable models, is to find solutions to realize their investment. With the production activities reaching global scales, it aims to contribute to the economy and reach the consumers the most delicious fish and Turkish brands to be at the top on a global scale.