Şahin Sucukları

Şahin Sucukları | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Kayseri

Şahin Sucukları was established in Kayseri in 1923 by Fazlıoğlu Meat, and Meat Products Food Industry Trade Inc. started its activities under the roof. Combining the experience of producing pastrami and soudjouk from grandfather to grandchild with the technological devices in the production facility creates the tastes that consumers cannot give up. Product diversity is constantly improved to best cater to the consumer’s taste.

Production is Made While Preserving Quality and Health Standards

Şahin Sucukları produces according to ISO and HACCP standards. Ensuring customer satisfaction is considered to be the priority of the brand. While hygiene is of great importance for food safety, all manufactured products bear the stamp of halal meat. While the consumers’ demands contribute to the shaping of the product variety, the basic goals and visions are not compromised.

A vision that cares about taste and health

Şahin Sucukları regularly improves its activities to offer delicious, healthy, and hygienic products to consumers. The first of the goals set as a vision is to be at the top among the leading companies in the domestic market. The second goal is to increase the consumption of Şahin Sucukları in countries worldwide by promoting its brand in the international food market.

Production Facility Integrating with Environmental Awareness

To maintain the quality of each flavor produced in Şahin Sucukları production facilities, the supplied meat and meat products must maintain their natural quality. Şahin Sucukları, which takes responsibility for protecting natural balance, completes their training by working to increase the environmental awareness of employees and suppliers working in the production facility. The organization’s main purpose of environmental awareness is to ensure that responsibilities are taken into account and implemented more by encouraging them.

In factories and production facilities, agreements, and contracts are made to recycle the waste generated in the last stage of production and not harm nature. As a result of the contracts’ processes, the waste from the production facility does not have an active substance that will disturb the ecological balance. Şahin Sucukları using traditional methods while producing meat products, especially pastrami and soudjouk. However, using the latest technology, savings are achieved by using resources such as water, fuel, and electricity more carefully. It is a business that is aware of the need for efficient use of resources for a livable world.