Şeker Et

Şeker Et | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Bilecik

Niyazi Şeker founded Şeket Et in 1987 in Bilecik. In 2015, his sons Tuncay Şeker, Gencay Şeker, and Olcay Şeker increased their investments; They have established an integrated meat facility with 2000 m2 indoor facilities and a hot-selling restaurant on 5000 m2 land. The production facility in high hygiene standards and European Standards has a processing capacity of 60 tons of white meat and 40 tons of red meat. Şeket Et has distributed meat to various regions of Turkey.

What Does Şeker Et Produces?

Its production facilities produce ISO 9001, ISO 2200, HACCP quality certified, halal-certified poultry, and red meat.

Where is the Şekere Et Plant?

Şeker Et integrated facility is located in Bilecik, one of the most suitable provinces for agriculture and animal husbandry due to its geographical structure and rainfall regime. Also, there are 3 wholesale and retail stores in Bilecik city center.

Quality Product and Experienced Team

Kaliteli ürün üretme ve tecrübeli ekibi sayesinde, 33 yıldır müşterilerine hizmet vermektedir. Bünyesinde uzman ekibi, Veteriner Hekimi ve idari personeli dahil 60’ın üzerinde çalışana istihdam sağlamaktadır. Artan verimlilik ve istikrarla büyüyen marka, sektörün lider markası olma yolunda emin adımlarla ilerliyor.

Hygienic Production, Halal, and Quality Meat

An integrated system is applied from raw material usage to shipment with a production approach suitable for high hygiene processes. The modern production line produces halal meat certified in the hygiene production facility.
It delivers meat and meat products, which are among the most important foodstuffs for a balanced diet of society, to the tables healthy.
The production facilities, the equipment used in production, and the daily cleaning operations carried out in certain periods after production is meticulously shown to the food processing rules.

Şeker Et has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.