Sütaş | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Aksaray

Sütaş started its activities on milk production in 1975. Sütaş has 5 production facilities in Turkey, Romania, and Macedonia. It has an annual milk processing capacity of 900 million and a variety of 78 products.

The brand provides efficiency and the highest quality in production with an integrated structure consisting of application farms, breeder breeding, training centers, feed factories, energy facilities, and recovery facilities.
Sütaş which Turkey’s leading brand of milk products, employs 5,000 people. The turnover for 2019 is 3.8 billion TL. In 2019, it greatly contributed to the country’s economy with its exports of 16.5 million dollars to 29 countries, including the USA, UAE, Japan, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, and Kuwait.

From Farm to Table

It controls and manages the whole process from the grass and feed that cows are fed to the consumer’s tables with an integrated business model “From Farm to Table.” It provides the assurance of naturalness and quality with this model.

Who is the Owner of Sütaş?

The brand owner is Sadık YILMAZ, who started his adventure with the slogan “Our goal was to be a milkman, to be one.” The meaning of Sütaş is “Milk products” in Turkish.

Health and happiness

Setting out with the passion for delivering the abundance and goodness of milk, which is a valuable food, to the consumer, the brand develops the resources entrusted to it most efficiently. The brand, which does not produce other than the milk products group, offers natural tastes that increase individuals’ quality of life and give happiness and health. It is a brand that determines its values ​​like respect for people, society, and nature also always acts with a sense of responsibility. They express that the company owes its success to its “passionately devoted to dairy, the fertility, and goodness of milk.”

Sütaş Production Facilities

The best quality milk collected from all over the country is delivered to Aksaray, Tire, and Karacabey. The milk coming to the facility is passed through 14 different test stages, and the quality and naturalness of the milk are inspected. It delivers its natural flavors to 150,000 retail and wholesale points across the country through its fleet of 1550 vehicles and 25 regional sales offices. Vehicles are monitored with a special satellite system, and their temperature is instantly monitored, and the doors of the vehicles are only opened when they reach the delivery points. The milk processed in the facilities and turned into milk products without spoiling its naturalness and using additives. The brand specializes in its long years of knowledge and experience and produces yogurt, ayran, cheese, and butter.

International Hygiene Standards

Applying the highest hygiene standards in its facilities ensures the products’ health and quality with daily 9000 analyzes.

Sütaş has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.