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About The Clarification Text

As Vibroser Seramik İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“Vibroser”), we use some applications (“Cookies”) such as cookies, pixels, gifs to improve your experience while visiting our online media. The use of these technologies is carried out in accordance with other legislation, especially the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”).

The purpose of this Cookie Clarification Text is to provide information regarding the processing of personal data obtained by the Site users / members / visitors (“Data Owner”) during the publication of the website ( (“Site”). . With this information, it is explained which types of cookies are used for what purposes on the Site and how these cookies can be controlled.

More detailed information about the processing of personal data by Vibroser, can be found in the Vibroser Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy at (

Vibroser Seramik Ins. San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. (Vibroser) we use cookies, pixel tags (“pixels”), and local storage technologies to facilitate the use of the website and personalize your future visits, provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience, understand your needs and interests, within the framework of the Vibroser Personal Data Security Principles, during the visit of our esteemed visitors to our website. On this page, we would like to help you understand why the aforementioned technologies are used, to check them or delete them if you prefer. Some of the cookies used are mandatory due to international web protocols, and we would like to remind you that if they are closed or disabled, our website will not appear in the required scope and content in your browser.

What is a Cookie, and Why Is It Used?

Due to the working principles of websites, almost all websites use cookies due to existing technologies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your device (for example, a computer or mobile phone) when you visit a website. Cookies can be stored on your device through your internet browser during your first visit to a website. When you revisit the same site with the same device, your browser checks your device for a cookie registered to the site name. If there is a record, it will forward the data in the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that you have visited the site before and assigns the content to you accordingly.

Checking and Deleting Cookies?

Just change your internet browser settings to change your preferences for the use of cookies or to block or delete cookies. Many browsers give you the option to accept or reject cookies, accept only certain types of cookies, or be alerted by the browser when a website requests to store cookies on your device so that you can control cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser. The process of controlling or deleting cookies may vary depending on the browser you use. In this topic, you can see the options suitable for the browser you use in the links below.

Cookies Used by Vibroser under Cookie Policy

No cookies used on our website process data that will help you be identified. Below are the types of cookies used on our website and the purpose for which these cookies are used.

Category 1 – Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are important for you to circulate the website, access the website’s secure areas, and set permissions. Without these cookies, our site can’t receive data, and the site work does not work.

Category 2- “Performance” Cookies

These cookies collect information about how our visitors use the website. For example, it allows us to know which visitors receive error messages from the pages and web pages they will most often visit. These cookies collect information anonymously, not information that identifies a visitor.

Category 3 – Targeting / Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness and number of ad campaign ads following your interests. Advertising networks usually place them with the permission of the website operator. They remember the websites you visited, and this information is used in the 3rd world. It is shared with other organizations, such as person advertisers. Very often, cookies link to the sites of other advertisements for targeting purposes.

Rights of Persons Processed with Personal Data

Within the scope of this policy, the persons whose personal data is processed, whether personal data related to them have been processed, and if their data has been processed, the right to request the processing purpose of the data and whether it is used following its purpose, who are the third parties to whom the data is transferred at home or abroad, to correct the data if it is incomplete or in error, to delete or destroy personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the relevant legislation, to request that correction/deletion/destruction be reported to third parties to whom the data is transferred, provided that correction/deletion/destruction is not impossible or disproportionate efforts are required, and that the damages be eliminated if their data is processed in violation of the relevant legislation.
The user’s continued visit to this site means that he consents to the use of cookies and the processing of his or her personal data under this policy.

Data Owner Rights

You can make your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the Law regulating the “Rights of the Relevant Person” by sending the Application Form to Vibroser, the details of which are set out in the Vibroser Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy, which can be found at

Vibroser can stop the use of cookies on the Site, change their types or functions, and add new cookies to the Site.

Vibroser may change the provisions of the clarification text at any time. Any changes made on the updated clarification text come into force when published on the site. The last update date is at the beginning of the text.

The Data Owners declare that they may not be able to fully benefit from the operation of the Site in the event that they make a request that will result in the inability of any personal data to be used by Vibroser, and declare that all kinds of responsibility arising in this context will belong to them.

Vibroser Seramik İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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