RAPID Repair Mortar and Liquid Joint Filler

It is an epoxy-based, fast setting, solvent-free repair mortar with high adhesion strength and A+B+C three-component liquid joint filler developed for industrial facilities.

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RAPID Repair Mortar and Liquid Joint Filler is a product specially developed for use on the floors of industrial facilities. It’s a three-component liquid joint filler system, A+B+C, known for its high adhesive strength and quick setting properties. This product is designed to provide a durable, long-lasting, and reliable flooring solution capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of industrial environments.

The contents of the set are as follows:

Component A: Rapid Liquid Epoxy 5 kg – This component is the main element of the joint filler, offering high adhesive strength. Being epoxy-based, it adheres excellently to the floor, ensuring long-term durability.

Component B: Rapid Liquid Epoxy 3 kg – This second component initiates the reaction when mixed with component A, facilitating the quick setting of the joint filler. Its rapid curing feature minimizes time loss in industrial facilities, allowing for a faster application process.

Component C: Silica Sand 25 kg – Silica sand serves as the filler material in the mixture. It increases the density of the joint filler and helps achieve a better consistency during application. Additionally, it enhances the mechanical strength of the final mixture, creating a more robust floor surface.

RAPID Repair Mortar and Liquid Joint Filler is an excellent choice for areas with heavy machinery and equipment usage, as well as high pedestrian traffic, typical in industrial settings. It provides the floors with a durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This product is an ideal flooring solution for factories, warehouses, workshops, and other industrial spaces.

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