Akyurt AVM

Vibroser References Akyurt AVM

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Ankara

Akyurt AVM, a shopping center, serving in various regions of Turkey, especially in Ankara. It has displayed a quality image that has preserved its unique customer and brand relationship. In addition to its growing customer base day by day, it provides a fully equipped and complete service flow to its visitors. Akyurt AVM, which cares about having first quality in all of its products, also keeps its own products in its aisles. By adding various approval certificates under its roof, it continues its way by strengthening its service concept.


Hacı Halil Uyanık laid the first foundations of Akyurt AVM in Ankara in 1955. It started its service as a small delicatessen and foodservice store and gained the region’s trust in a short time. In the following years, branding was chosen by Hacı Halil Uyanık’s sons. When the calendars showed the year 1996, the transition from branch retailing to chain supermarket retailing was made. Stores have been opened in various regions of Ankara. In the 2000s, the number of stores increased to 6. Rapidly growing Akyurt AVM did not prevent it from growing during the crisis period, and managed to open 3 new stores in Ankara in the same period.


There are dozens of stores under the roof of Akyurt AVM. In addition to displaying a noticeable growth day by day, the brand also has many workers. All of the personnel under the roof of Akyurt Shopping Center consist of experts in their fields. All of the personnel in the butcher’s aisle, vegetable-fruit aisle, and safes started to work after being subjected to the necessary training. The number of stores of Akyurt AVM is more than 40 in Ankara. It has 2 stores in Konya. The company has also set targets of Turkey’s widespread between regions within a short time.

Price Policy and Products

All products in Akyurt AVM departments are offered at very affordable prices. In understanding service; The company officials, who put the point of accessibility, determine the prices at the most reasonable price. Akyurt AVM, which has a wide audience of visitors, organizes special campaigns in some periods and offers its customers treats. The brand has a wide range of product points; There are a delicatessen, butcher, greengrocer, and bakery departments. It is quite possible to find new products and fresh products regularly.