Aromsa | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Gebze / İzmit

Aromsa has been one of the world’s leading aroma producers since 1982. It started its commercial activities in Istanbul. In 1990, it moved to the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone and experienced a great production capacity increase. In April 2014, they opened their fifth factory in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. The construction of the sixth factories, designed as green buildings, has been continuing since November 2017. Since the first day it started its activities, Aromsa continues to improve itself without compromising quality standards in our country and the world.

Mission and Vision of Aromsa

Aromsa’s most important missions are to deliver customer satisfaction and aroma designs to consumers without compromising quality standards. Again, it aims to contribute to the national economy and fulfill its social responsibilities without compromising quality in any way. It cares about employee happiness and values its business partners. Manufacturing with advanced technology is among its main missions. The vision of Aromsa is to be the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to the aroma in all geographies, where it provides its services. Achieving this since 1982, Aromsa’s ultimate and permanent goal is to be the first solution partner to be consulted when it comes to flavor.

Aromsa’s Great Success and Prestigious Awards

Aromsa has purchased an R&D and production facility in Germany since 2009 to continue its aroma production and design studies in Europe. At the same time, the company has applied to the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology to become an R&D center. As a result of the inspections, it has been entitled to be an R&D center on 25 March 2013. Aromsa has been continuing its projects supported by Tübitak and Teydeb.

Aromsa received the EFQM 4-Star Certificate (Competence in Excellence) of the European Foundation for Quality Management (KALDER) in 2013. In 2014, the company received prestigious awards such as the World Food Day FAO Award and the Gebze Chamber of Commerce Economy Stars Award. In 2017, the company received KALDER EFQM 5 Star Certificate and received 5 stars in the “Competence in Excellence” program evaluation. In 2018, Deloitte won the “Best Managed Companies” award. Aromsa has many other prestigious awards like these, and its goals will continue to progress successfully day by day.