Besler Gıda

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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Besler Gıda took the first step towards its establishment in Istanbul in 1992. At first, it started to produce industrial margarine for the food industry. In 1995, it produced breakfast margarine. Again in 1995, it completed its product portfolio. Since then, its products’ quality has spread to a wide base with its sales and marketing activities. Since the first day, Besler Gıda has been among the leading names in its field, with the plus will never decrease in production quality.

The Great Success of Besler Gıda

In 2000, it incorporated Adana facilities and increased its capacity by 100,000 tons. In 2003 Besler oil, as a food manufacturer, established the first and only fractionation plants in Turkey. Thus, the Istanbul capacity was increased to 250,000 tons. It carries out the oil and margarine production in three production facilities. One of them is in Istanbul, one in Brunei, and one in Adana.

Besler Gıda produces 33 brands such as Bizim Yağ, Teremyağ, Luna under the consumer category’s name, and 447 SKUs.

Besler Gıda obtained AIB Certificates in 2012 and ISO 22000 Food Safety Certificates in 2013. In 2014, it was awarded the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate. Thus, Besler Gıda has become one of the pioneers of the sector in sustainable working areas.

Vision and Values ​​of Besler Gıda

Besler Gıda always prioritizes customer priority and happiness. It continues to work towards the principle of “Our customer is always right.” It improves its packaging designs day by day and never compromises on quality standards. There is always a win-win principle between the customer and Besler Gıda. Besler Gıda protects both the customer and the company’s rights to the end, aiming to win the customer and win the company.

Besler Gıda offers consumers easily accessible high-quality products; It continues its activities with the best service in its class. It always aims to achieve better and to raise the quality bar in production-service stages.

Besler Gıda continues to provide the best service by following the quality standards with its innovation, high performance, and production power.